#15 Bell Cemetery

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This cemetery is located in the Walter Hill Quadrangle 1/3 of a mile SE of Overall Creek Bridge on Old Nashville Hwy. On south edge of highway.

Photographed by Joyce Martin txhillcountry@hotmail.com


Asalene Bell Dement
04 May 1870
15 May 1948


Lera Mai Dement
18 May 1894
18 Feb 1963


See below


J. T. Bell
26 Sept 1830
18 Aug 1897


Roxanna (Young) Bell
wife of J. T. Bell
27 Nov 1834
12 Mar 1917

The following people are listed in the Rutherford County cemetery books, but Joyce did not photograph them.

A. B. Coursey
Son of Dewitt and Audie

Clarence Petty
08 Sep 1892
29 Apr 1898

James B. Petty
Died 1902

Susan Petty
Died 1905M

Ethel Petty
26 Feb 1889
08 Aug 1901

Joseph B. Petty
03 Jan 1885
11 Jul 1901

Seavy E. Petty
18 May 1867
3 Apr 1921

W. L. Petty
20 Dec 1859
12 Jan 1925

Grave marked “Babe” next to A. B. Coursey


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