#118 Owen Cemetery

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This cemetery is located in the Fosterville RoverQuadrangle: 1/4 mil north of Mt. Vernon and just west of Bennett Cmetery. Photographed by Jeff and Teresa Elliottp6160024

The cemetery as it looked when we photographed it.

Greenberry R. Owen
01 Jul 1812
18 Jul 1881


Mrs. Mary E. Owen
Wife of C. R. Owen
11 Oct 1811
10 Aug 1883


Mrs. Sarah A. Tennison
20 May 1869


Nannie Lenora Daughter of R. G. and P. H. Owen
01 May 1868
17 Jan 1878


Robert G. son of R. G. and P. H. Owen
16 Sep 1872
13 Mar 1873


Robert G. Owen
12 Sep 1841
23 Feb 1910
Powell Dobson Owen
10 Jan 1845
18 Apr 1930


Julia Esther Bratton Williams
Daughter of T. W. and Eunice Pinkerton Bratton
16 Feb 1918


Matilda Wife of Peter Owen
05 Dec 1815
Sep 1901
This stone faces right into the fence, and no matter how hard I tried, I could not get the photo without the fence.


Mary H. Daughter of J. H. and M. E. Redmond
29 Aug 1903
2 Oct 1904


Anna Pinkerton
07 Mar 1898
11 Mar 1962


Julia Estes Pinkerton
07 Mar 1862
30 Nov 1943


Jose Marion Pinkerton
02 Nov 1858
20 Dec 1942


Iris Pinkerton
26 Mar 1886
26 Sep 1891


The family of Jose Marion and Julia Estes Pinkerton
Married 15 May 1884


3 thoughts on “#118 Owen Cemetery

    generationsgoneby responded:
    18 November 2009 at 9:15 am

    Ms; Elliott; Following information that came to Izard County Arkansas with the family of Robert Anderson Hall in the fall of 1849. I found his grave in the Owens #118 Cemetery in 2004. Mr Jackson lived by the cemetery and kept it mowed, but he did not know who had charge of it.
    The Hall family is buying a monument for his grave. Do you know who I should talk to before puting up a Monument for my Great Great Great Grand Father?
    You can read about him on http://www.Ysearch.org under Hall Sr. user ID NPFA6.
    I am very glad you and others are involved in the cemeteries of Rutherford County Tn. Its a worth while project. I help clean the old forgotten cemeteries here in Izard County, Arks.
    My Cooper ancestor Mr Eacharid Zachariah Cooper has a grave some where around Eagleville, TN. He came from England.
    Did Mr Lamb get access to his old family cemetery?
    Thanks in advance W. J. “Bud” Cooper


    generationsgoneby responded:
    24 January 2009 at 10:50 am

    Good catch, Typo on my part. The new book is correct. I have family buried in this one (distant cousins).

    4mystery2 said:
    24 January 2009 at 10:23 am

    Check this cemtery. In the new cemetery book, this is listed in the Rover Quadrangle with a different description. I have never been to this cemetery so don’t know which is correct. I was putting on another Owen Cemetery when I saw this.

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