#55 Delbridge Cemetery

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This cemetery is located in the Webbs Jungle Quadrangle 2 1/2 miles west of Hoover’s Gap and about 1/2 mile north of Bedford County line. Behind an old log house. Photographed by Barbara Delbridge badel128@bellsouth.net

The following people are buried in this cemetery, but Barbara did not photograph them.

John M. Delbridge
01 Oct 1874
23 Feb 1953
Millie H. Delbridge
11 Oct 1880

Tommy Broyles
son of L. A. and P. H. Broyles
07 Mar 1935
07 Mar 1935

Robert H. Delbridge
Della F. Delbridge

Celil M. Mason
Rosie D. Mason


E. W. Delbridge
29 Dec 1830
01 Jan 1913
Mattie F. Delbridge
10 Nov 1848
03 Jul 1933

Barbara’s notes: Edward W. Delbridge of Hoover’s Gap, Rutherford County He served in “F” Co., 2 (Robison’s) Tennessee Infantry (Walker Legion). He was a blacksmith for Gen. Bragg and spent most of his enlistment in Columbus, Mississippi.


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