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Walter Hill Quadrangle According to the cemetery’s book: One mile north west of Walter Hill on Jefferson Pike on South side near Stones River. Near an old garden about 200-300 feet from road.
According to Estelle Hall:

It is incorrectly listed in several publications as being west of Walter Hill on 266. The descriptions incorrectly put it on property that was owned by my grandfather Will Boone Johns. With the help of Ernest King Johns and my uncle Hascal Johns, I was able to locate the site of the graves off 266 East. Traveling from Murfreesboro, TN on 231 No. Travel about 10 miles to the intersection of 231 and 266 at the Walter Hill intersection. Take a right onto 266 East towards Lascassas. Travel 2.1 miles to Dunnaway Chapel Rd. (Kings Chapel Baptist Chruch). Take a left and travel 1.3 miles to Lane Rd. Take a left on Lane Rd. and travel .06 mile to bridge over creek. The graves are located approx. 300-400 yds. N.W. in the corner of a fence line behind the old home. The land was owned by a Johns descendant until the 1960s when it was sold to Jack Lane. (Joseph B. Johns ggrandson Earnest Johns-not Ernest King Johns.) There is a new brick home built on the property and the old house is scheduled to be torn down spring 2001. Standing at the bridge looking toward the new home the grave sites are approx 100 yds. to the right.

Gwen Boyd and Marge Anne Florida Patton sent me the following in 2008: We spoke with Mr. Lane whose family has owned this property since the 1960’s. He has repaired the stones as you see them and demolished the old house with only the chimney left standing., 2008 This cemetery was 342 which has been moved from Jefferson Pike to this site.

Estelle Hall sent me the following in an email: I was looking at the cemeteries (Johns #110) and noticed the notation that stated Marge Patton and Gwen Boyd said that Randy Lane restored the head stones. Randy did not restore these stones. According to him a man who is a cemetery conservator from Mid. TN State University was paid by a woman from Illinois or Ohio, he couldn’t remember exactly, to restore the stones. Unfortunately he doesn’t remember her name or the mans. You may have some information about who this conservator might be. (Teresa’s Note: I don’t have any idea. My guess would be it was a student studying preservation at MTSU, but I could be totally wrong)
This cemetery is apparently listed as #342 in the new Rutherford County, TN cemetery book and has been moved and is also listed as #344.

Photographed by Estelle Hall HallsTree@aol.com

Elizabeth Vaughn
Wife of Joseph B. Johns
06 Sep 1779 (According to cemeteries book)
26 May 1844
to the memory of
Elizabeth Johns
who departed this life
May 26, 1844
aged 65 years
9 months
17 days.


Joseph B. Johns
Jan 23 1776 (According to cemeteries book)
08 Nov 1839
to the memory of
Joseph B. Johns
who departed this life
November 8, 1839
Aged 63 years
9 months
10 days

Joseph B. Johns settled in Tennessee in 1801. He lived briefly in Giles Co., TN and then settled in Rutherford Co., TN. He served in the War of 1812. He enlisted 10 Dec 1812 and served as a private Captain Newtons Co., Col. Wm. Halls Regiment of West TN Militia 12-10-1812; and private in Capt. Nathan Davis’ Co. in Regt. under Gen. Andrew Jackson, 12-18-1813. He purchased land on E. Fork Stones River and at his death owned about 1,000 acres. This grave site is located on private property. There are 3 stones. One without engraving is broken in many pieces. The two with the inscription are broken from their base but the inscription part is intact. They were laying on the ground covered by weeds. They are currently leaning against a fence. According to the old typed genealogy I have it states “This Major Bible shows that Joseph B. Johns died Oct. 8, 1839”. On the gravestone it gives November 8, 1839 as the death date. Age 63 yrs., 9 mos., 10 days. According to the Gedcom Date Calculator that would make him born Jan. 29, 1776 instead of Jan 23. For Elizabeth the stone gives May 26, 1844 as date of death. Age 65 yrs., 9 mos., 17 days. That would make her date of birth Aug 10, 1778 instead of Sept 9, 1779.



There is a third stone that has no writing on it. I have heard that it is possibly Mildred Ann Johns Palmer (Smith) who is mother of Gen. Jos. B. Palmer. Mildred died in childbirth having daughter Caroline Mildred Smith, Apr. 7, 1833. (born 1805) This would have been before her mother or father died. This may be but I have no proof.


The cemetery as it looked in 2006.

In 2008, I got the following stones from Gwen Boyd and Marge Anne Patton.
photographed by Madge Anne Florida Patton
Sent to me by Gwen Boyd

I am so excited to see that someone has taken a notice in this old cemetery and had it restored. If you are the lovely lady from Ohio or Illinois that had the cemetery repaired, please feel free to post a comment. We want to say thank you!


Elizabeth Vaugh Jones

joseph-b-johns Joseph B. Johns

Estelle Hall sent me the following image of the cemetery as it looks now in 2009! What a great improvement!



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