#20 Carlton Cemetery

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Daddy and I photographed this cemetery on Halloween of 1991. 

We bought the shaving cream at Puckett’s store and went to the cemetery **

When we got there, the cans wouldn’t work, so daddy left me in the cemetery while he went home to get more shaving cream.  Daddy has never been known to do anything in a hurry. 🙂

About an hour later, close to midnight on Halloween, he returns.  All this time I have been sitting in a cemetery, at midnight, with shaving cream, and later, I find out that this cemetery was known for it’s Rattlesnakes.  It’s a wonder I didn’t get snake bit or worse, arrested for vandalism.

**DO NOT USE SHAVING CREAM ON TOMBSTONES!  Dad and I didn’t know better.

Below is a listing of the cemetery and all the stones that he and I could find.  We have been back and couldn’t find any of the others in the day light either.

I have a special love for this cemetery, because Benagea Carlton is buried here, and in Jan. 1991, we had a son, and named him Benagea Elliott.   

Snail Shell Cave Road and Rockvale Road.  About 200 feet south of road in a field on a small rise.  (Was fenced the last time I was there.)

Photographed by James Edward Ghee and Teresa Ghee Elliott



Martha Ann Carlton

Daughter of Benagea (and Mary) Carlton

28 Sep 1823

10 Apr 1874


Willis Jackson

24 Sep 1810

01 Aug 1869


Benagea Carlton (my fourth great grandfather and my son’s namesake)

(son of Blake and Feriba Heath Carlton)

17 Oct 1782

Oct 1856



wife of Benagea Carlton


25 Dec 1847


Mary (Walker) Carlton

(wife of Blake Carlton)

17 Mar 1818

27 May 1898  (cemeteries book say 1892)


(Wm. Blake) (as known by Garrett and McClain Cemeteries book)

Mr. Blane Carlton (as known by cemeteries book)

Tombstone says M Blake Carlton

(son of Benagea and Mary Carlton)

11 Jan 1814

17 Aug 1856



daughter of Kinion Carlton (and Margaret A. Holder Carlton)

The dates I have are:

22 Feb 1832

02 Aug 1837


F. M. Carlton (Francis Marion)

14 Jun 1851

20 Sep 1900

(Samuel) Herbert Carlton

29 Feb 1888

15 Sep 1889
(cemeteries book has 29 Feb 1889-16 Oct 1889)

Robert (Taylor) Carlton

09 Feb 1890

24 Jun 1898

(cemeteries book has 16 Jun 1890)

All sons of Kinion and Mary Carlton


Mary J. Carlton

Daugther of Kinion Carlton

18 Sep 1839

16 Oct 1840

(Sorry about the picture.  You try taking cemetery pictures at midnight in a field with the headlights of the car!  Not to mention rattlesnakes. 🙂10

William Carlton (my third great grandfather)

son of Benagea Carlton

30 Sep 1812

May 1847


Christopher G. Carlton

son of Kinion Carlton

20 Dec 1841

22 Oct 1844


Martha Carlton Loftin (daughter of Blake and Mary Walker Carlton)

16 Oct 1850

05 Jul 1894

John Loftin

07 Sep 1848

25 Nov 1905


Kinion Carlton


05 Nov 1880


Hannah (Walker) Carlton

Wife of Kinion Carlton

03 Sep 1820

11 Oct 1859


In 2009, Patsy Patterson returned to the cemetery and found the following pictures.

Photographed by Patsy Patterson 2pats2cats@comcast.net


Charles B. Carlton

son of Kinion Carlton

28 Aug 1866

15 Mar 1867

Carlton,David Walker

David Walker Carlton

13 Sep 1878

15 Aug 1879


(Francis) Elam Carlton

(son of Kinion and Mary Carlton)

24 Mar 1881

04 Jul 1903

Carlton,Henry Frazier

Henry Frazier Carlton

son of Kinion and Margaret (Walker) Carlton

09 Nov 1871

22 Jun 1872


Kirby G. Carlton son of M. B.

and Tabitha Carlton


Carlton,leila E

Leila E. Carlton

Daughter of M. B. (Minos Benajah) and Tabitha Carlton

18 May 1884

14 Dec 1909

Carlton,Margaret L

Another copy of Margaret, daughter of Kinion’s stone.


Another copy of Mary (Walker) Carlton’s stone


Carlton,Williamson of Benagea

Another copy of William, son of Benagea’s stone.

Jackson,Lucinda Elizabeth2

Lucinda Elizabeth Jackson

wife of Marion Jackson

04 Aug  1846

23 Apr 1872

And below too.

Jackson,Lucinda Elizabeth3 Jackson,lucinda Elizabeth

Top of Lucinda Eliabeth Jackson’s stone.Loftin,John & Martha

Martha M. Carlton Loftin

16 Oct 1860

06 Jul 1894

John A. Loftin

07 Set 1846

25 Nov 1905

(see stone above with shaving cream. This stone lays flat on ground.)


Martha M. Carlton Loftin

16 Oct 1860

06 Jul 1894

John A. Loftin

07 Set 1846

25 Nov 1905

(See stones above with shaving cream.  This stone lays flat on the ground.

Smotherman,james B, son of R. B

James B. Smotherman

son of R. B. Smotherman

16 Nov 1869

10 Aug 1870

Smotherman,Robert m2

Top of the stone for Robert M. Smotherman.

Smotherman,Robert M

Robert M. Smotherman

20 Jan 1846

09 Dec 1875


Following stones still not found:

Mrs. F. M. Carlton

03 Aug 1853

05 Feb 1903


Horace L. Holder

08 Apr 1901

30 Apr 1931


Alice Carlton

daughter of Kinion and Margaret Carlton

01 Sept 1875

died in infancy


Willis M. Carlton

son of Kinion Carlton

20 Dec 1858

Feb 1859


Tennessee Carlton

daughter of Kinion Carlton

30 Jun 1855

30 Jan 1859


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    […] Soon I was traipsing through cemeteries all over Rutherford County, Tennessee with my dad, James, while Mom stayed at home with the two infants. She was in heaven and so was I. So in October of 1992, Dad and I found ourselves in the Carlton Cemetery. […]

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