#72 Jackson Cemetery

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Rover Quadrangle 3/4 mile east of Versailles and approximately 150 feet north of road on top of a hill near a house.  
Photographed by Jeff and Teresa Elliott



cemeteries 027

According to the cemeteries book this stone says

Francis Jackson Sr.

b. Prince Edward Co. VA

12 Jan 1766

10 Feb 1845

As you will see in later photos, this is NOT a cemetery you want to spend a great deal of time in rubbing stones.  It is very grown up and the stones are very hard to read.

Pete Hough at  [peka@comporium.net] would love to correspond with anyone who is researching this family.  This is his family and he needs some research help.

cemeteries 028

According to the cemeteries book, this stone says

Elizabeth W. Jackson

b. Prince Edward Co., VA

Consort of Francis Jackson

07 Apr 1766

09 Aug 1831

cemeteries 029

Not even sure what this one sayscemeteries 030

T. N. Jackson

Husband of Mary A. and Loyola S. Jackson

18 Apr 1832

02 Jun 1896

cemeteries 031

Ann Johnson wife of W. T. Johnson

28 Mar 1838

04 Sep 1863

cemeteries 032


As you can see this cemetery is in BAD need of some cleaning.  It is heavily grown up with blackberry vines.  Believe it or not, we saw no snakes here.  :)  But with all that growth, that doesn’t mean they weren’t there. 😦

Cemeteries book also lists:  Any one with images of these stones can mail them to me at the above address, and I will gladly add them to this page.

Mary A. Jackson

21 Feb 1888

age 56 yrs

Emily Ann V. Jackson

daughter of Francis Jackson

20 Dec 1833

16 Jan 1841

Mary L. E. Jackson

age 17 yrs 1 mo 15 days

16 Feb 1841

Francis Jackson

31 Jan 1804

01 Mar 1878

Elizabeth Hale

wife of Francis Jackson

12 Jul 1809

04 Jan 1888

Judith wife of Jasper Jackson

21 Feb 1823

17 Jan 1882

Oceana B. daughter of W. J and J. A. Jackson

27 May 1859

17 Jan 1882

Mary B. daughter of John G. and Mary J. Jackson

07 Jan 1881

18 Aug 1881


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