#98 Miller Cemetery

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Murfreesboro Quadrangle. On west edge of US. 231 across highway from Murfreesboro Country Club
Photographed by Teresa Ghee Elliott



Laura M. Betty



Alfred M. Betty



Lulu H. Betty



Harry J. Betty




Stone too hard to read.P6200004

This was at one time a large stone with a Mason symbol on it.  Do not know who the stone belonged to.P6200005

S. H. Miller

01 May 1844

26 Jun 1878


Stephen Henry Miller

Son of S. H. and V. I. Miller

22 Apr 1871

03 Dec 1871

P6200007 P6200008

Not sure what this stone says.  First letter looks like either Har or NarP6200009

Alfred Miller S. R.P6200010

Ann Eliza

(I believe this is Anna Eliza Miller that is listed in the cemetery book) Born Murfreesboro

04 Aug 1816

17 May 1867

Dates are readable.


This is a a Miller stone, and  I believe it is Ann E Miller’s original stone.  Too hard to make out thoughP6200012 P6200013

Alfred Miller

Born Guildford Courthouse North Carolina

24 Nov 1796

Removed with parents to Murfreesboro, TN in the year 1811.

21 Jun 1867

This is carved into the stone shown below.  The next 3 stones and this one, are all one tombstone





Large Miller stoneP6200016

Anne Miller

04 Aug 1848

17 May 1859

Narcissus C. Miller

15 Sep 1821

14 Apr 1875

This is carved into one side of the big stone shown above.


Original Stone for Narcissus Miller

15 Sep 1821

14 Apr 1875


Alfred MillerP6200019

Stone brokenP6200020

Wm. Carroll

Appears to have no dates.  This stone will be gone in another 5-10 years as I am sure it will sink into the ground. 


Narcissa Caroline Jr.

Appears to have no dates.  Cemeteries book has her as Narcissa Carolina, but stone definitely says Caroline.


N. Carrie Miller

wife of Dr. T. J. Boyles

B. Murfreesboro

31 May, 1859

D. Houston, TX

20 Dec 1893


Bottom of the stone above.P6200024


No stone was attached to top.


W. C. Miller

23 Apr 1857

18 Oct 1880


This is one of many broken stones in this cemeteryP6200027

Iron Gate opening on to US 231 A North running from Shelbyville TN to Murfreesboro, TN.


Cemeteries book also mentions:

Lizzie Hannah

Isaac Anderson

Ira David

Issac Miller

22 Feb 1795

16 Oct 1861

and Garrett and McClain list six Crockett and Ransom names that are not in the cemetery.  Lots of broken stones are in the cemetery though, and there are lots of unmarked graves as well.


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