#133 Marable Cemetery

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Smyrna Quadrangle:  On W. Bufuord Mullins Farm in 1975.  1/3 mile North of Almaville Smyrna Interchange.  200 feet South of old two story log house where Sam Davis was born.  Photographed by Jerry G. Marable

This is the cemetery as it is today.  Below are the people listed in the cemeteries book done in 1975.
Marabel Cemetery

Mrs. Eliza H. Jones

Consort of J. Jones

May 15, 1796

Nov 7, 1835


Rev. Henry Hartwell Jones

d. 21 Jul 1834 in the 19th year of his age


Miss E. I. M. Marable 8 days before his death


Dr. B. Marable

b. Nov 5, 1808

D. 1850 (?)


Elizabeth Searcy

5th Nov 1821 age 21


Mrs. E. Marable

Relict of Rev H. H. Marable, decd

Departed this life Dec 17, 1840, age 83 years


Henry H. Marable

d. Oct 26, 1833 in 81st year of his age.

Methodist for 56 years.

50 Years preaching the Doctrine


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