#176 White Cemetery

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Rover Quadrangle One mile east of Puckett Store at end of a farm lane on old Puckett Cothran farm.  Just east of barn.

We looked for this cemetery on March 25, 2003 and could not find it. 

Photographed by Johnny White


And those interested in the White Cemetery. This is the list of those buried in the White Cemetery. This graveyard is found on the Puckett/Cothran Farm. This was first the White Farm. After the murder of William White, the farm was sold.

William White

b. 06/08/1811

d. 02/26/1874 (murdered)

Eliza Taylor (wife of William White)

b. 11/25/1817

d. 08/08/1868

Amanda White (daughter of Wm. & Eliza)

b. l9/01/1845

d. 01/16/1868

John T. White (son of Wm. & Eliza)

b. 01/05/1848

d. 04/08/1869

Sara C. T. White (daughter of Wm. & Eliza)

b. 11/04/1853

d. 10/08/1868

Joseph H. C. White (son of Wm. & Eliza)

b. 10/10/1858

d. 10/14/1872

(Eliza, Amanda, John, Sara, & Joseph are said to all have died from Tuberculosis)

John Washington White (brother to William)

b. 01/08/1822

d. 03/19/1908

James W. Gillespie (unknown relationship)

b. 12/28/1835

d. 03/14/1862

Caswell Puckett

b. 1813

d. 01/29/1865

Malinda (wife of Caswell)

b. 03/14/1814

d. 08/17/1877

Mary (daughter of Caswell & Malinda)

b. 03/18/1849


Amasa Webb Manire, Sr. (Pvt., Co. A, 24 Tenn Inf. CSA)

b. 02/08/2837

d. 07/22/1915

The wife of Amasa is supposed to be buried with him, but there is no marker stating that fact. There are other stones in this cemetery but no idea who and what or if anyone is buried there.

Johnny White


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