#159 Milton Cemetery-Partial Listing

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Milton Quadrangle 1/2 Mile west of Milton TN

This is a large cemetery and Sherrie only sent photographs of the family she was interested in.  For a complete listing see the Rutherford County, Historical Society’s book, Rutherford County, TN Cemeteries, Vol. II Eastern Third of County.

Photographed by Sherrie Paty Barber



T.C. Paty born Aug 15, 1884 died Aug 25, 1905 Gone but not forgotten


Martha Jane "Mattie" Huffman Paty, daughter of George Cortner Huffman and Eliza Jane Phillips born 06 Jul 1863 Bedford County – 19 Dec 1942 Rutherford County.  3rd wife of James Hopson Paty, married 20 Dec 1900 Bedford County. 

Mattie’s last will and testament specifically says she is to be buried next to her son.  Thomas Cleveland "Cleveland" was not her son but her step-son.  According to 1910 census Mattie had 2 children but only 1 living.  The son that lived left home at a very young age and never returned.  Frank was a professional photographer and lived all over the world eventually passing away, in the 1960’s, in NYC.  We found no gravestone other than Cleveland with the name Paty on it.  Dad and I specifically asked our host, whose family had donated the land for the original cemetery, about cemetery books and records.  He explained that his mother in the middle 1940’s starting keeping cemetery records but there were none for the year 1942 or before…..so we cannot identify any unmarked graves nor account for the empty spaces on each side of Mattie and Cleveland’s plots.  Dad and I both feel that a baby son was interred and Mattie is next to him.  There are lots of stories about Mattie………she had a club foot and was a mean ole soul.  She married late in life and that didn’t exactly take the meanness out of her.  Frank, her only living child, actually stood in the driveway and threw stones at her.  My father’s sister, still living, had several encounters with her during a summer in the early 1930’s and doesn’t have exactly pleasant child hood memories.  My grandfather called his step-mother "Ole Miz Paty".  When my aunt was confronted and asked by Mattie, "Do you know who I am?" my aunt simply repeated what she had heard her father say so often.  My aunt replied, "Yes, maam, you’re Ole Miz Paty".  The fur hit the fan!!


Tennie Elrod Couch – there is controversy over exactly what her name was.  I believe it was either Cynthia or Zilphia Tennie Elrod.  She was the daughter of J. C. Elrod and Nancy Brown Bayless. 

Sep 1867

22 Apr 1968.


Thomas Knight Couch son of W. G. Couch and Martha Louvinie Thomas was born Apr 1850 and died 1930.  He and Tennie were married 21 Sep 1892 in Wilson County.


James Tilden Odom son of James Dallas Odom and Mollie Hancock

09 Aug 1897

09 May 1951

married 02 Aug 1938 Wilson County

Maude Eva Gaither daughter of I. R. "Ike" Gaither and Lucinda Francis




Alaminta H. "Menta" Odom daughter of James William Odom and Elizabeth "Eliza" Owen

28 Feb 1874 

01 Jul 1936


Charles "Charlie" Tatum Summar son of John Nelson Summar and Sarah Elizabeth Lansden

12 Dec 1872

18 Mar 1938. 

He and Menta were married in Cannon County 20 Dec 1893.



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