#9 Barton Cemetery

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Readyville Quadrangle (Cannon County) Five miles from Woodbury on US 70s and 1/2 mile south on the Bradyville Road

Photographed by Patsy Paterson


 Barton Cemetery2 Barton Cemetery

The cemetery as it looks now.

Barton, Jane

Jane Barton

24 Jan 1778

31 Jul 1858


Joshua Barton

15 Feb 1772

27 Mar 1858

(Notice that she only lived a few months after he did. Now that’s true love.)

Cemetery book has Jane and Joshua as same stone.


Edmund Barton

14 May 1818

22 Aug 1840


Edmund infant son of E. V and N. A. Barton

20 Oct 1840

24 Jul 1841

Barton,nancy Ann

Nancy Ann Barton

Daughter of A. U. S. Stone

26th Apr 1825

26 Aug 1841

Barton,Sarah j

Sarah J. Barton

Consort of W. Barton

13 Sep 1821

13 Oct 1862


Elizabeth M. Taylor

wife of J. R. Taylor

02 May 1808

08 Jun 1879

Taylor,J R

J. R. Taylor

10 Feb 1804

04 Jul 1879

(notice that he only lived 26 days after his wife’s death.  Now that’s true love…or true neglect.)

Taylor,Susan L

Susan L. Taylor

27 Jan 1837

26 Jul 1909

Cemetery book has also

James T. Taylor

10 Apr 1833

29 Jul 1905

Patsy wrote:

I seem to have missed the stone of James T. Taylor.  My husband tells me it was on the same stone as Susan Taylor but I just missed it when I was taking the photos.  It was definitely there.


These things sometimes happen.  But we are thankful for the ones she got!




2 thoughts on “#9 Barton Cemetery

    Rebecca Murray (@beckyrlsm) said:
    6 July 2013 at 12:09 am

    I love all the work that you are doing on this blog site. I too am working on a site like this one for Cannon County. I love all of the old stones. I just wanted to let you know that if you would like to copy the James T. Taylor stone and add it to your site, you are more than welcome to. Here is the address: http://cannonccp.weebly.com/57-barton.html And I hope you won’t mind if I contact you again for directions if needed. Thanks!

      generationsgoneby responded:
      6 July 2013 at 8:13 am

      Thanks Rebecca. I will add a link to your site as well. A lot of our families came from Cannon County.

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