#13 Batey Cemetery

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Smyrna Quadrangle

1/3 mile northwest of Rock Springs Church on west side of Waldron Road.

Photographed by  Margie Augustine margieaugustine@earthlink.net

Margie writes:  We drove all over Rutherford County on Saturday looking for  4 Batey Cemeteries.  We could only find the one on Waldron Road.  As with many old cemeteries, neighborhoods are springing up all around these treasured old sites.

I’m not giving up on finding the other cemeteries.  We will go back in a few weeks and try to find the others.

This one is RIGHT ON the road in a rapidly developing neighborhood.  It is Pinnacle Point Development @ Stony Point Road & Waldron.  I’ve attached the pictures I took.  There are only 3 graves there.DSCF6397

The cemetery as it looks today.

  Here are the names and dates:


James T. Batey

Born Feb 19, 1882

Died Oct 24, 1961

Willie S. Batey

Born Mar 27, 1897

Died Oct 3, 1960


George Rowland Batey

Son of J.W. & E. L. Batey

Born Dec 26, 1872

Died Mar 23, 1912

(Inscription:  “Sleep brother dear and take your rest.  God called you home, he thought it best.”)



The subdivision entrance.


The entrance showing cemetery on left hand side


Cemetery as shown from street view.


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