#12 Batey Cemetery

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Smyrna Quadrangle 1 1/8 Mile South of Stewarts Creek Church and about 500 feet west of the road and about 200 north of an old house in 1975. 

Photographed by  Margie Augustine margieaugustine@earthlink.net

Margie writes:  We drove all over Rutherford County on Saturday looking for  4 Batey Cemeteries.  We could only find the one on Waldron Road.  As with many old cemeteries, neighborhoods are springing up all around these treasured old sites.

I’m not giving up on finding the other cemeteries.  We will go back in a few weeks and try to find the others. 

Inez Road, Smyrna – Drove to where map shows cemetery to be.  Neighbors had not heard of cemetery in the area.  Will try another time.


Cemetery book lists:

Tabitha M. Consort of

Benj Batey

11 Jul 1820 (this cannot be correct but that is the way it read on tombstone)

31 May 1819

James M. Batey

01 Jun 1826

02 Aug ___6 (Box tomb broken)

If you know where this cemetery is located, please post a comment, Margie would love to go back and photograph the tombstones, or at least the area for researchers.


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