#140 Lyon Cemetery

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Readyville Quadrangle 1 1/4 miles south of Cripple Creek and about 1/3 of a mile west of Cripple Creek Road. 

From Robert’s notes:  The Lyon cemetery began on the farm owned by Reverend Nathan J. Lyon and wife Henrietta Smoot Lyon with the death of their son, Gideon in 1840.  Many of their children and their spouses and grandchildren are buried here, along with neighbors from the area.  Rev. Lyon was a Cumberland Presbyterian Church minister who started several churches in the area.  The cemetery is located on a private farm owned by Kenneth Fox.  It is not accessible from the road and permission must be obtained before visiting.

-Teresa’s notes:  You can visit here as often as you’d like. 🙂

From Robert’s notes:  In October 2001, a group of descendants of Rev. Lyon began a restoration of the cemetery, as many stones were broken and down, or buried.  It is now fenced and many of the stones are standing again.  There are stones which need extensive repair and subsequent restoration projects will be needed to accomplish the job. 

During 2002, several tombstones were found and replaced within the fenced area.  These have been added to this list. 

Information about the family relationships comes from Robert as well.  

Photos taken by Robert and Carol Lyon

Photographs are copyrighted by Robert and Carol Lyon-All rights reserved. Please ask permission before using photographs in your documents. Please respect Robert and Carol’s hard work.

P. O. Box 10031

College Station, TX 77842



Rev. Nathan Johnson Lyon

12 Mar 1789

09 Feb 1857

"He was a worthy minister of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church."


Henrietta Smoot Lyon

(wife of Rev. Nathan Lyon)

18 Jun 1790

04 May 1873


Gideon B. (Blackburn) Lyon

(Son of Rev. Nathan Lyon)

03 Nov 1820

20 Aug 1840


A. M. (Anderson Milburn) Lyon

(Son of Rev. Nathan Lyon)

29 Jan 1827

03 Apr 1866


Mary C. (Caffey) Lyon

(wife of A. M. Lyon)

04 Aug 1830

25 Jul 1854


William B. Lyon

Infant son of Mary and A. M. Lyon

30 Aug 1852

30 Aug 1852


N. J. (Nathan Johnson) Lyon

(Son of Rev. Nathan J. Lyon)

18 Jun 1818

14 Dec 1899


Isabelle E. (Knox) Lyon

(Wife of N. J. Lyon)

08 May 1822

12 Aug 1882


Thomas B. (Bennett) Lyon

(Son of Rev. Nathan Lyon)

30 Dec 1819

03 Feb 1885


Nancy C. (Alexander) Lyon

(Wife of Thomas B. Lyon)

20 Dec 1817

16 Nov 1872


Elizabeth H. (Lyon) Speer (Elizabeth’s daughter was Myrtle Speer Abernathy.  For information on the Abernathy family see https://rutherfordcemetery.wordpress.com/2012/12/12/1-abernathy-cemetery/)

(Wife of Dr. Ephriam A. Speer)

(Daughter of Thomas B. Lyon)

16 Nov 1841

26 Aug 1884


Alexander Lyon

(Son of Thomas B. Lyon)

26 Jan 1844

12 Aug 1912


Nannie E. (Neely) Lyon

(Wife of Alexander Lyon)

29 Dec 1868

Apr 1895


Mary Charlaty Lyon

(Daughter of Alexander and Nannie Lyon)

13 Feb 1884

12 Oct 1884


Lucy Lee Neely

(Sister of Nannie E. Neely Lyon)

14 Apr 1871

07 Feb 1905


Elizabeth Lucinda (Lyon) Woods

(Consort of Dr. Stephen H. Woods)

(Daughter of Rev. Nathan Lyon)

28 May 1829

10 Jul 1853


Mary (Jemima) (Lyon) Wood(s)

(Wife of Dr. Stephen H. Wood(s) )

(Daughter of Rev. Nathan Lyon)

10 Nov 1831

10 May 1871


H. W. (Hiram) Murray

21 Jul 1822

01 Jun 1889


Nancy M. (Lyon) Murray

(Consort of H. W. Murray)

(Daughter of Rev. Nathan Lyon)

09 Apr 1823

24 Aug 1866


Nathan F. H. Murray

(Son of H. W. Murray)

28 Jun 1850

26 Oct 1862


Meadford Caffey

16 May 1790

15 May 1875


Ruthy A. Caffey

(Wife of Meadford Caffey)

04 Feb 1804

01 Mar 1885


Evaline W. Nisbett

(Wife of W. A. Nisbett)

13 Oct 1830

23 Feb 1878


Susan W. Carnahan

(Wife of J. M. Carnahan)

19 Sep 1847

24 Jun 1883


Margaret J. Carnahan

17 Apr 1868

19 Sep 1875


Sue Eva Donnel

Daughter of W. D. and Sallie M. Donnel

05 Aug 1882

07 Mar 1884


Annie May Youree

29 Dec 1884

26 Feb 1886


Mattie R. Youree

04 Jul 1890

06 Dec 1890


S.  F. Youree

Son of J. F. N. Youree and S. M. Youree

19 Sep 1871

02 Feb 1891


H. H. Y.

Stone with no date


2 thoughts on “#140 Lyon Cemetery

    Marion Campbell said:
    18 June 2011 at 9:30 pm

    I am Marion (Denny) Campbell. I have just been to this cementary. My grandmother was a Lyon.
    This is located on my daughter-in-law’s uncle’ farm. My son, Kevin, was very interested in this old family cementary. I would like to contact you and we would be very interested in helping clean up and restore tomb stones. They need cleaning very badly, I am so glad to discover this.

      generationsgoneby responded:
      19 June 2011 at 5:51 pm

      Carol’s not on the blog. Her email address is on the blog post, so you might want to email her privately. I know she’d be glad to hear from you about this cemetery.
      Rutherford County, TN Cemeteries

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