#44 Cook Cemetery

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Milton Quadrangle  1 1/2 miles southeast of Milton and 1/4 mile east of the paved road on a small gravel road. Many fieldstone markers.

Barbara only photographed these McKnights in the cemetery.  The cemetery is much larger than this.  NOTE:  When Barbara photographed these stones, it was acceptable to put shaving cream on stones to get a better image.  Genealogist now know that this harms the stones.  Barbara and I decided to record the stones here with the cream, since the damage was already done and the stones could be used by all of us, with no further damage.  Not all of the McKnight stones are photographed.

PLEASE DO NOT flame Barbara for doing this.  She does know better now.

Photographed by Barbara Wyche


[McKnight] Cook Cemetery

The front entrance to Cook’s Cemetery

McKnight, David Mortimer 1819-1806

David Mortimer McKnight

30 Sep 1819

20 Dec 1896

McKnight, Dr. A. E. 1832-1908

Dr. A. E. McKnight

28 Feb 1932

03 Dec 1908

McKnight, Elizabeth [William] 1792-1818

Elizabeth McKnight

Consort of Wm. Knight

17 Sep 1792

11 Jun 1818 (cemetery book says 1848)

McKnight, Erixene (Moses) 1798-1847

Erixene McKnight (cemetery book says Erlane)

Consort of Moses McKnight

01 Jul 1798

20 Mar 11847

McKnight, James 1796-1867

James McKnight

28 Oct 1796

19 Jul 1867

McKnight, Jas & Nancy

Nancy McKnight

19 Apr 1793

25 Apr 1865

Next to her is James McKnight listed above

McKnight, Maj David2 1792-1842

Maj. David McKnight

11 Jun 1792

27 Aug 1842

McKnight, Maj Wm nd

Erected to the memory of

Major William McKnight

by his wife Noami McKnight

McKnight, Martha [David] 1797-1843

Martha M.

Consort of David McKnight

07 Apr 1797

05 Aug 1845

McKnight, Moses 1791-1849

Moses McKnight

05 Aug 1791

20 Nov 1849

McKnight, Nancy [James] 1793-1865

Closer view of Nancy McKnight

McKnight, William 1788-1810

William McKnight

06 Sep 1788

13 May 1840

McKnight, Wm & Eliz

Showing stones of Elizabeth and William McKnight together.


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