#123 Jones Cemetery

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Milton Quadrangle.  about 3/4 mile north of where Trimble Branch enters Stones River. On old Overall (1975) place on left of road that runs from Hall’s Hill to Lascassas.  In rock enclosure. 
Photographed by Archie and Patsy Paterson


 001-Jones Cemetery 350 Cemetery as it looks today.  While you are looking at this cemetery at home, imagine all those downed trees and stone and how many snakes must be hiding amongst them. Thanks a billion Patsy!002a-Unice Jonesborn 1804

Unice McLin Jones,

1st wife of E. H. Jones

Dec. 15, 1804 (different year)

May 1, 1839

002-Enoch H JonesJones

Enoch H Jones

11 May 1798

02 Feb 1885

age 86 years 8 months 21 days

003-Eunice McLin JonesJones

Eunice McLin Jones,

1st wife of E. H. Jones

Dec. 15, 1803

May 1, 1839

004-Rebecca F Hunt JonesJones

Rebecca F. Hunt

2nd wife of E. H. Jones

03 Oct 1803

19 May 1856

020-Sarah E WordJones

Sarah E. Word

18 Apr 1827

15 Dec 1890

005-Ezera JonesJones

Ezera Jones

b. in North Carolina

03 Feb 1772

01 Apr 1839

006-Margaret Hunt JonesJones

Margaret Hunt

wife of Ezra Jones

18 Oct 1773

22 May 1857005a-Ezrea and Margaret Married

Ezera and Margaret were married in N. Carolina 15 Mar 1796

007-Sarah Jones LauranceJones

Sarah Jones

daughter of Ezra Jones wife of Geo. Laurance

07 Oct 1808

13 Oct 1830

008-Caroline Ready JonesJones

Caroline Ready

wife of E. H. Jones

07 Oct 1800

09 May 1873


009-Margaret H Jonesdau of Ezra

Margaret H. Jones

Daughter of Ezra Jones

14 Mar 1807

30 Aug 1832

010-James E JonesJones

James E. Jones

son of E. H. Jones

22 Dec 1828

07 Jul 1857

011-Enoch H Jonesson of E HJones

Enoch H. Jones

son of E. H. Jones

12 Sep 1831

02 Aug 1833

012-Margaret Jones HartwellJones

Margaret C. Jones

daughter of E. H. Jones wife of John Hartwell

22 Mar 1826

10 May 1844

013-Nancy Ann Jones RionJones

Nancy Ann Jones

Wife of T. D. Rion

daughter of E. H. Jones

06 Sep 1834

15 Jun 1877

014-Fannie Jones McKnightJones

Fannie G. Jones

daughter of W. H JOnes

wife of W. T. McKnight

12 Ovt 1843

25 Oct 1868

015-Olie JonesJones

Ollie V. Jones

daughter of W. A. and L. T. Jones

18 Jun 1865

13 Dec 1869

Cemeteries book states that most of these stones are marked J. H. Goddess, Lynchburg, Va.  He was probably the stone mason who carved the stones. Didn’t he do beautiful work?

016-Cecilia Overall Floyd JonesJones

Cecelia S. Overall

wife of Col. J. P. Floyd and James E. Jones

08 Feb 1831

14 Oct 1906

017-G B HudsonJones

G. B. Hudson

30 Apr 1852

25 Oct 1931

79 years 5 months 25 days.

018-S A HudsonJones

S. A. Hudson

10 Apr 1859

29 Jul 1896

019-Thomas G Word

Thomas G. Word

25 Jun 1813

14 Feb 1887


2 thoughts on “#123 Jones Cemetery

    deanman123 said:
    22 March 2011 at 1:10 am

    A Descendant of James McLin died Rutherford County Tn 1819 or 1820. One of his children was Enice that Married Enoch Jones. Both buried in #124 Jones Cemetery.

      generationsgoneby responded:
      22 March 2011 at 7:50 am

      Thanks Deanman.

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