# 169 Pallette Cemetery

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This cemetery is located in the Beech Grove Quadrangle in Cannon County.  S on Hwy 70S, right on Hwy 64, right on Hwy 99 (Bradyville Pike), right at first road on right into a subdivision.  Located on small rise in subdivision.  Photographed by:  Patsy Paterson  2pats2cats@comcast.net


Ann Allen ( This may not be full name and can’t read dates)


Infant (again can not read name or dates)

haley,l r m

L. R. M. Haley, Son of T. J. & M. P. Haley 

Oct. 8, 1893 – July 14, 1894



Joseph Knox   1747 – 1835

Mentioned on back of stone are the following.  Some have notations in the cemetery book about how they are related.

William Armstrong Knox, brother of Joseph Knox, Jr.

Mary Fagans, 1st wife of William Armstrong Knox

Nancy Todd, 2nd wife of William Armstrong Knox

Caroline Cooper, 3rd wife of William Armstrong Knox

Thomas Knox

Calvin Knox

Early Reed

Mary Knox Todd


Jesse Lambert, Son of David & Mary Lambert

May 20, 1881 – Oct. 29, 1895

mccaslin,sp & nancy

S. P. McCaslin   Sept. 30, 1829 – April 10, 1896

Nancy E. McCaslin   April 14, 1817 – May 4, 19??


William Patton    Sept. 1847, about 65 years


Frances Reed   June 18, 1874 – July 17, 1874

reed,j s

J. S. Reed   Feb. 16, 1836 – July 12, 1896


Martha Reed   Sept. 11, 1877 – Sept. 30, 1877

reed,sarah elizabeth_edited-1

Sarah Elizabeth Reed, Daughter of J. S. & Mollie Reed

Jan. 5, 1872 – Aug. 26, 1888

Mentioned in Rutherford County Cemetery Book but not seen:

Col. Hiram Benson   July 27, 1799 – June 28, 1818 (?)

Col. William Knox, son of Joseph Knox, Jr.    CSA

Jane Patton   April 1864, about 66 years

Nancy Jane Patton   March 25, 1846 – July 15, 1846

Emily Jane Robinson   b. Aug. 6, 1839

Louisa Angoline Robinson   b. Oct. 1, 1842

Thomas ??  born and died Oct. 31, 1905

The following are mentioned in the Rutherford County Cemetery Book by various soutces as being buried here in unmarked graves:

Emmeline McCaslin McGill, wife of James P. McGill   Dec. 15, 1824 p Feb. 24, 18??

Hannah Barr Robinson   b. Jan. 28, 1805

Daughters of Jesse Barr Robinson & Nancy McGill

Benjamin Knox, son of Joseph & Margaret McKnight Knox

Joseph Knox, Jr. & family, wife Bettie McKnight Knox





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