#153 McKee Cemetery

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Webbs Jungle Quadrangle:  1/2 mile NW of Hoover Cemetery on US 41 on south side of Highway near old quarry.
Photographed by Patsy Paterson




An over view of the cemetery.  This is an endangered cemetery.


little closer view.  Personally if it were me, I wouldn’t have gone any closer. :)  Thanks to Patsy for being a little braver!


Impossible to make out what it says.


Another view and still can’t read it.  Patsy said, "In the cemetery book are listed two graves. I saw two stones in this cemetery and another mound which had a cross beside it but no stone. One stone I could read with no problem (Willie Brandon McKee) but the other stone I could not. Perhaps the name was on the other side of the stone. It has fallen off the pedestal it was on and is laying down in the grass, weeds, etc. I could not move it."


Willie Brandon McKee

son of J. F. and Ludie McKee

31 Jan 1903

12 Feb 1920


Closer view of Willie Brandon’s stone.

The cemetery book also lists J. F. McKee

23 Mar 1860

01 May 1909

It could be his stone that is pictured above



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