#156 McNeil Cemetery

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Webbs Jungle Quadrangle:  3/10 of a mile north of Plainview.  On west edge of paved road with an iron fence.
Photographed by Patsy Paterson


Johnson,Eliza Jane

Eliza Jane Johnson

10 Aug 1834

04 Apr 1903

Johnson,J R

J. R. Johnson

son of J. W. and E. J. Johnson

21 Oct 1859

24 Feb 1888

Johnson,James W

Jas. W. Johnson

18 Aug 1832

McNeill Cemetery Cemetery as it looks today.  I am telling you, Patsy is far braver than I am.  I would have probably taken this picture, gotten in my car and gone home.

 McNeill,E A

E. A. McNeil

22 May 1807

22 Aug 1880

Cemeteries book has

F. A. McNeil

22 Jul 1807

22 Aug 1880

McNeill,Martha H

Artia L. McNeil

29 ??? 1811

3 Mar 1882


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