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Pitt-Dill Cemetery – NE on Lascassas Pike (Hwy 96E), after road (left) to Oakland High School, cemetery is on right (E) side of road 1/10 mile N of Bushnell Creek Bridge on Hwy 96 about 250 feet from road in a grove of pine trees. 40 or more unmarked graves covered by ivy ground cover.  

This was originally the property of Joseph and Mary Polly Wright Dill who build the cabin circa 1815. They are buried here on a little rise. Their graves were once marked by a log enclosure which has become part of the growth and soil accumulation on their graves. There is a small stone which appears to be the top of an old marker over one of the graves. There are probably other Dill family members buried here.

Joseph Dill 1760 – 1826 Mary Polly Wright Dill Nov 17, 1770 – June 7, 1818  

The Pitts family owned the property in more recent times and the home site has been owned by the George Todd family for 30+ years, 2008.

Photographed by Madge Ann Florida Patton


Emailed to  me by Gwen Boyd 



Dill Home



  Rufus C. Freeman

03 Mar 1831

14 Feb 1909


John Pitts

06 Jan 1812

03 Feb 1891

S. F. Pitts

01 Oct 1854

07 Apr 1886


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