#23 Christiana Cemetery (Now called Miller)- Part

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Here come a few from the Miller Cemetery, aka Christiana Cemetery.  Cheryl Parsons sent me a few stones that were pertinent to her family tree. This is not a complete listing. This is a large cemetery.

These pictures were take by Cheryl Parsons mchasjunk@aol.com

Alvie Irene Taylor Prater

Wife of M. F. Prater

25 Jun 1896

20 May 1920

Emma Dean Taylor Delbridge

27 Jun 1870

22 Sep 1948

Henry Edward Delbridge

10 Apr 1870

12 Sep 1948

E L Miller marker

E. L. Miller

23 Dec 1851

18 Feb 1884

R.B. & M.E. Allman marker

Mary Etta Miller Allman

14 Mar 1878

03 Nov 1951

Robert Benton Allman

23 Nov 1876

17 Sep 1964

M E   R B  Allman  grave photo 1

Mary Etta and Robert Benton Allman Grave photo

T.B. & M. Fox Allman grave marker

Maggie Fox Allman

11 Jun 1858

25 Jun 1938

Thomas B. Allman

01 Sep 1852

26 Jun 1946


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