Fall Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery-Research Question

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I received the following from Mark Warnick [Mark@theWarnickHouse.com]. If you know, please post a comment or email Mark.

I noticed your blog and information, and I am hoping you can help my family. We have been searching for our first ancestor that came to the country, and who fought in the Revolutionary War. We found out he was buried in Fall Creek and his headstone was witnessed in the 1980’s. I have searched and searched, and myself and different family members have come to Rutherford County to look for it, and we cannot even find the cemetary. I personally believe that the name of the cemetary was changed while other family members believe we have not found it. The cemetary was listed in three different publications put out by the Sons of the American Revolution The list the cemetary as
“Fall Creek Presby Ch Cem Fall Creek, Rutherford County, TN” The person I am looking for would be James Warnock and his first wife was
Rhoda Brown. We have been searching for this grave for at least 4 years, and my great Aunt saw it in the mid 70’s, but she passed away (at 90 or so) in 1984.

Any help you could give would be SO appreciated! My biggest fear is that it has been lost to weeds, trees, grass and lack of care. This is the last graves to find in the United States and we have found all in our direct ancestary line. Thanks for your help and time, … Mark

Mark S. Warnick


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