Roselawn Cemetery-Rocks Beside Mausoleum #2

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Special thanks to Vicki Norton  for transcribing Roselawn Cemetery for us.

This is a HUGE cemetery and I am working on the formatting of Vicki’s original file so that it will fit on the blog. This is going to be a multipart blog post. Vicki hopes to add photos to the blog at some point as well. For now, we are so thankful to her to just get the transcriptions online!

Thank you so much to Vicki for doing this hard work for us.


Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date
Rocks 1 Edwards Pat R
Julia 4/17/1942 7/19/2005
Rocks 1 Bittner Edward L 7/20/1939 12/19/2005
Bobbie J 7/5/1937
Rocks 1 McCleary Kenneth Dale 10/6/1958 6/6/2002
Rocks 1 Boniface Howard L 3/31/1935 9/2/2004
Nancy 1/24/1938
Rocks 1 Lynch James E 4/10/1941 10/24/2005
Judy M
Rocks 2 Mester Edward L 10/6/1928 12/14/2006
Lynn H 7/7/1949
Rocks 2 Hampton Franklin L 6/5/1963
Loria J 3/10/1964

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