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John Gambril Cemetery

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John Gambril Cemetery Smyrna Quadrangle.

Photographed by Jeff and Teresa Elliott October 2015

This cemetery was very difficult to find.  We stopped at many houses, but they kept sending us to other easier to find cemeteries in the area. To find this cemetery, you need a GPS enabled device and this GPS coordinate for the cemetery: 35 55’53.55″N 86 36’20.14″W

There are many ways to get to this cemetery, but we followed Rocky Fork Road to Caitlin Trail.  At the very end of Caitlin Trail is a trail that goes off into the road, shown here:


Follow this trail until it runs out in the middle of the wooded area. Here is where you will need your GPS.  Luckily cell coverage in this area is extremely good and you should be able to follow your GPS through the woods fairly easily. We visited in Mid October and you can see the forest wasn’t over grown.  Summer time might be harder. There were lots of rose bushes scattered in this area, so at one time, it  may have been cleared off.


Once you come out of the woods, you will be on the TVA  easement for gas pipe line.  You will follow this TVA pipe line across the field shown, around a corn patch (at least we did) and up that HUGE hill. Cemetery is almost to the top of the hill on right just inside wood line.  We saw several signs that hunters use this area, so dress brightly and be very careful!


Cemetery as it looked in October 2015.



View from cemetery looking back at corn field.




This is John’s tombstone. We moved it into the light and took a picture enumerated below. This is where we found the original, leaning against this tree.  You can see that the stone has broken off it’s base.  My guess is the base was about where this tree now stands, based on his foot stone.


Hannah (Rainey)

second wife of Jno. Gambill



(Author’s note:  John married Hannah Rainey on 10 Apr 1834 in Rutherford County, TN.  They were married by Jacob Payne, J. P.)



J. K. Bennett
consort of J. M. Bennett (could be T. M.)

(Author’s note:  I have no idea who J. K. Bennett was. As far as I know, she was not a family member.  Thomas Bennett owned the Blacksmith Shop next door to the Gambills and this may be part of his family.)


Amazing view from the cemetery looking out over the valley surrounding the knob.


John Gambril  (Author’s note: Son of Bradley and Susannah Gambill)

22 Dec 1774 (some records have 1771, but I believe the last number is a 4 based on military records and the spacing between the 7 and 4.  It appeared to be a 4 on the stone as well.)

11 Jun 1843


Sarah Gambill  (Author’s note:  This is Sarah Kimbro (Kimbrough), daughter of William Kimbrough and Elizabeth Gooch)  She and John are my 4th great grandparents.

29 Mar 1777

24 Jun 1832

Sarah and John Gambill were married 01 Nov 1798 in Davidson County, TN.

IMG_3015  IMG_3017 

There may be other burials in this cemetery. These were the only actual stones we saw while we were there. This cemetery was not enumerated when the 1970 cemetery books were done.  My guess is it was lost to time until TVA cleaned off for their easement.


Another amazing view from the cemetery looking out over the valley below.  It is likely that the Gambill house was very near this location as it looked out over the entire valley below.




We found this field stone and a matching foot stone in the cemetery. Since we know John Gambill bought part of his father’s farm before Bradley’s death, we wondered if perhaps this stone marked the grave of Bradley or Susannah Gambill, John’s parents.



Matching footstone to head stone above.

IMG_3027 IMG_3028 IMG_3029


This is me standing about halfway down the hill to give perspective of just how far a hike it is up to the cemetery.

    IMG_3035 IMG_3036

Cleared off area just up the hill from the cemetery that may have been the original home site. 



We had to wonder if these large stones were part of the original home site, or just naturally occurring.  If the original home sat here, it had a 360 degree view of the valley below and John and/or Bradley could have viewed their entire plantation from the front porch of the home.  If I owned the land, it’s where I would want my house to be, that’s for sure! 



The following is a transcription of John Gambill’s will written in Rutherford County, TN:

I, John Gambill do make and publish this as my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me at anytime made.
First I direct that my debts be paid as soon after my death as possible and the very few out of any money that I may die possessed of or that may come into the hands of Executors.
Second, I loan to my wife Hanna one hundred acres of land Beginning at my southeast corner near Thos. Bennett, Black Smith shop thence west for enough to include the fields on each side of my land and 20 poles farther thence north sufficiently far to include my cotton field even if said bounds should contain more than 100 acres thence east to my eastern Boundary thence south to the beginning with the privilege of getting timber south of said land if then (with all the building and my mill contional 
[sic] is not sufficient on it this lane to be void so soon as my wife Hannah marries or dies or \[can’t read\] that in as much as I paid for her two hundred and nine dollars after our marriage that she shall refund or pay said money to my estate at her death and the acceptance of this will shall guarantee the payment of said money also I loan to her one horse wither Charlie or Kit two cows and calves two sows and pigs 5 ewes two set of cups and saucers two set of plates a set of knives and forks and 3 dishes a half dozen chairs a table one pot one skillet one ven and 2 pair of hooks.  Also I confirm our marriage contract that is to say she shall have to dispose of as she pleases at her death one negro man named Ted and one named Davy one negro woman named Fanny and her children Booker and Alfred and increase, one cupboard two beds and bedsteads and all the bed cloths she bought here one chest and two trunks one hundred dollars in money and her full years provisions for the next year but there is to be interruption of the making or saving the crop the years provisions to consist of one hundred Barrels of corn fifteen hundred pounds of Pork 20 bushels of wheat 50 # of coffee 100 # sugar and a barrel of salt.
Third, I give and bequeath to each of my children in the manner following or their heirs one equal share or portion of my estate of the heirs of Charlott Hall, Elizabeth Lovel, John K. Gambill, Kiziah Brown, William Gambill, Frances Dyer, Martha Hatfield, James T.  Gambill heirs of May Rogers, John Pope, George W. Gambill
Fourthly, I give and bequeath to Elizabeth Lovel and her heirs the tract of land on which she now lives believing that it will only make her equal to the rest of my children in a division already made not to be taken into the division of this will with all the property of mine on said premises and I appoint my son William her trustee to take charge of said property and also her portion as legatee to manage for her benefit and at her death descend to her children.
Fifthly, I give and bequeath to my grand son Thomas Rogers son of Mary Rogers decd. five hundred dollars in the the Nolensville turnpike stoke in lew
{sic] of any part of my land the balance of one share to the made out in money and in case of his death without heirs the property or bequeath to return to my estate and I authorize my Executors to act as Guardians for him his share in not to extend to division already made.
Sixthly, all that part of my estate devised to Martha Hatfield and James T. Gambill shall go into the hand of Wilie Brown who I appoint their trustee to manage and control for their benefit and at their death to descend to their heirs.
Seventh, I appoint John Hall trustee for my daughter Jane Pope with the power of managing and controlling said property for her benefit and at her death said property to go her children.
Eighth, wither of my children that is dissatisfied with their trustees may change said trustee by confirming to law or applying to court and if the same drawn does not suit the situation of the the legatees the trustee by the consent and joint conveyance of the legatee may change or sell said share but nothing in this contained shall excuse said trustees from giving bound as provided by law;
Ninth my land at home shall be equally divided among all my legatees except T. Rogers; according to quality and quantity the school tract of land by R. Halls and the Puckett tract together may be divided into shares to suit the number of my legatees also excerpt T.  Rogers.  In the
[illegible] on that is to be made among my children notes and amounts which I have against them are to be taken into the amount and I nominate and appoint  D. R. Gooch George \[illegible\]  William Allen Jas S. Smith and Robert Cook to make the division of the land.
Tenth for the purpose of making an equal division amount my legatees I direct my slaves to be sold to the highest bidder with all other property of mine which I have not heretofore disposed of on a credit of twelve months.
Eleventh all the perishable property I have loaned to my wife shall be valued to her and paid back to my estate at her death Lastly I do hereby  nominate and appoint my son William H. B. Gambill David R. Gooch and James S. Smith my Executors in witness whereof I do to this my will set my hand and seal this 16 May 1845 My Executors are not to be ruled to security.
[his X mark]Gambill
May 19th 1843


#75 Gambill Cemetery

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LaVergne Quadrangle:

On Hobson Pike Left side approaching I-24 On a hill just before reaching entrance to Interchange City.  Well fenced. William Hamilton Benjamin Gambill was the son of John and Sarah Kimbro (Kimbrough) Gambill.  When he died, Bradley gave each child a portion of his estate and it is possible that this cemetery is on W. H . B. Gambill’s portion.

Photographed by Jeff and Teresa Elliott 2015


W. H. B. Gambill (William Hamilton Benjamin Gambill, son of John and Sarah Kimbro (Kimbrough) Gambill)

24 Sep 1810

02 Aug 1893 (Cemetery book has 1898)



Same as above


Mary H . Gray

wife of W. H. B. Gambill

14 Sep 1811

06 Sep 1885




Ben Stuart Gambill

son of Charles and Annie W. Gambill

02 Oct 1879

09 Dec 1950


Ben Gambill

14 Feb 1871

19 Sep 1934


Benajah G. Gambill

10 Mar 1837

15 Jun 1853


Martha J. Gambill

26 Jun 1849

01 Apr 1865


Infant Daughter of

R. L. & Beuce L. Gambill

28 Aug 1899

30 Aug 1899


HIs following children are buried here:
Ewing Johnson Irvin

Mary Agnes and James Gambill

Rosa B. Gambill

IMG_3058 IMG_3059


Charles Hill Gambill

01 Sep 1846

21 Aug 1919

Erected by Rosa B. Gambill


stone of Issac T. Gambill

Jan 1857

01 Dec 1869

Not photographed:

Angie Gambill

09 Jul 1926

10 Aug 194

5IMG_3062 IMG_3063

Stairwell leading up to cemetery.  Cemetery is fenced but needs a good cleaning.

#16 Bennett Cemetery

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Smyrna Quadrangle: 

On Rocky Fork-Nolenville Road. 1/3 mile east of Williamson County line.  250 feet south of road on the end of a steep sloping ridge in back yard of house.


This cemetery has been removed from our Website at the request of the home owner. We made every effort to ask permission to post this cemetery that was in his back yard, but no one answered the door when we were there.  Since the cemetery is on private property, we will honor his request to not post the pictures from his cemetery.

If at anytime he would like to give written permission, we will repost the pictures from this site.

Thank you,

Rutherford County, TN Cemeteries

Researchers of this family would be encouraged to check out at this time

#132 Mapleview Cemetery~Part (Swain Family)

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This is not all of Mapleview Cemetery. This photos were taken by Beth of her Swain family. 

Photographed by  Beth Swain


William Arnold

31 Jul 1826

06 Mar 1885


Irvin Scott Swain

25 May 1892

09 Sep 1971

Annie M. Draper Swain

01 Sep 1900

12 Jan 1994


Lillard P. Swain


Effie H. Swain




John W. Young

04 Sep 1912

03 Feb 2001

Katherine I. Young

23 Dec 1908

29 Jun 1987

Married 14 Nov 1931


Other side of the Young stone.


Raymond Potts

03 Aug 1916

19 Nov 1975


Pamela C. Potts



Hettie E. Potts

15 Feb 1920

09 Dec 1976


Oliver Potts

10 Jan 1915

17 Aug 1999

Novella S. Potts

22 May 1919

14 Sep 1980


Cornelia Potts



Lillie R. Potts.

02 Jul 1891

16 Feb 1972


Henry Lytle Potts

02 Aug 1929

10 Apr 1969


Rex. C. Van Hoozer

08 May 1917

18 Aug 1977

Lillie M. Potts

16 Apr 1920

09 May 1978


Samuel V. Inman



Bettie N. Inman





Narcissa E. Towns



Peyton Creech



Mattie (his wife)




James L. Adkerson

11 May  1887

14 Apr 1964


Mamie Creech

wife of James Adkerson




Mildred Frances Swaner

24 Nov 1919

16 May 1988


Cecil S. (J. C.) Victory

26 Sep 1935

19 Sep 1994

Josephine W. Victory

16 Jun 1940

Married 31 Dec 1958


William C. (Dime) Victory

01 Dec 1929

17 Apr 1988


Bailey Swanner Sr.

US Army

World War II

15 Jun 1921

35 Jul 19??

Roselawn Cemetery- St. Mina

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Special thanks to Vicki Norton  for transcribing Roselawn Cemetery for us.

This is a HUGE cemetery and I am working on the formatting of Vicki’s original file so that it will fit on the blog. This is going to be a multipart blog post. Vicki hopes to add photos to the blog at some point as well. For now, we are so thankful to her to just get the transcriptions online!

Thank you so much to Vicki for doing this hard work for us.



Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date
STM1 Kirolos Helmy E 1938 2001
STM1 Alexander Fakry H 1930 2001
STM1 Boulos Magdi 1955 1999
STM1 Morcos Henry 1925 1998
Aida S 1931 2007
STM2 Erian Samir 1942 2003
STM2 Awadala John H 1969 2003
Abd-El-Malek Hakim W 1964 2005
STM2 Gorgy Fawzy I 1949 2002
Awad Hekmat M 1946 2005
STM2 Youssef Awad R 1928 2008
STM2 Sadek Maleka S 1974 2002
STM3 Sidhom Fakry A 1952 2003
Saad Saad B 1920 2004
STM3 Baby Hanna 2006 2006
same grave as Fakry Sidham
STM3 Hanna Nasser Y 1947 2007
STM3 Gaballa Salah Y 1949 2007
STM3 Kirolous Effat B 1958 2007
STM3 Beniameen Farha 1939 2008
STM3 Gadallah Gosephen K 1953 2007
STM4 Mossad Maged Z 1951 2004
STM4 Gobrial Sabry K 1930 2004
STM4 Hanna Abdou R 1940 2007
STM4 Badawi Helmi 1918 2004
STM4 Mikail Alice A 1943 2006
STM5 Hana Samir R 1967 2006
STM5 Iskandar Ramsis F
STM5 Massoud Teriza E 1940 2006
STM5 Qiryaqous Odish 1924 2007
Estfanos Salama B 1983 2006
STM5 Hanna Bishoy T 1982 2006
STM5 Habib Kamal Y 1944 2007
STM5 Eldahaby Adel H 1950 2007
STM5 Siefein 1951 2007
STM6 Azer Erini H 1974 2007
STM6 Chenouda Mary 2007 2007
Abdelsayed Azmrleda 2007 2007
same grave 2 markers

Roselawn Cemetery-Rocks Beside Mausoleum #2

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Special thanks to Vicki Norton  for transcribing Roselawn Cemetery for us.

This is a HUGE cemetery and I am working on the formatting of Vicki’s original file so that it will fit on the blog. This is going to be a multipart blog post. Vicki hopes to add photos to the blog at some point as well. For now, we are so thankful to her to just get the transcriptions online!

Thank you so much to Vicki for doing this hard work for us.


Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date
Rocks 1 Edwards Pat R
Julia 4/17/1942 7/19/2005
Rocks 1 Bittner Edward L 7/20/1939 12/19/2005
Bobbie J 7/5/1937
Rocks 1 McCleary Kenneth Dale 10/6/1958 6/6/2002
Rocks 1 Boniface Howard L 3/31/1935 9/2/2004
Nancy 1/24/1938
Rocks 1 Lynch James E 4/10/1941 10/24/2005
Judy M
Rocks 2 Mester Edward L 10/6/1928 12/14/2006
Lynn H 7/7/1949
Rocks 2 Hampton Franklin L 6/5/1963
Loria J 3/10/1964

Roselawn Cemetery-Mausoleum Interior

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Special thanks to Vicki Norton  for transcribing Roselawn Cemetery for us.

This is a HUGE cemetery and I am working on the formatting of Vicki’s original file so that it will fit on the blog. This is going to be a multipart blog post. Vicki hopes to add photos to the blog at some point as well. For now, we are so thankful to her to just get the transcriptions online!

Thank you so much to Vicki for doing this hard work for us.

Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date
Mas2Interior Rawls Mattie C
Mas2Interior Allman Thomas L 1909 1988
Margaret  1911 1999
Mas2Interior Comer Maurine T 1922 1998
Mas2Interior Thompson Malvin Hart 1923 2003
Janie C 1923 2006
Mas2Interior Stone Frank 1919
Ann 1922 1976
Mas2Interior Wright Wrayburn E 1920 1979
Esther D 1921
Mas2Interior Bowles Leon W 1907 1984
Mamie N 1906 1994
Mas2Interior Outland Raymond L 1918 2007
Jane O 1916 1983
Mas2Interior Jones H Wayne 1925 2006
Mas2Interior Phillips Edwin Eugene 1920 1990
Annie Sue Bond
Mas2Interior Ramey William E 1928 1983
Mas2Interior Vaughan Jesse J 1906 1994
Mas2Interior Maurer William J 1912 1997
Ruby Y 1916
Mas2Interior Hayes Ralph B 1916 1982
Mas2Interior Bradford Riley T 1899 1976
Cain Annie B 1906 1998
Mas2Interior Ellis Nolan K 1929 1991
Mildred 1928 2006
Mas2Interior Rogers Homer V 1922 1998
Elizabeth Louise 1926 1978
Mas2Interior Rogers Gary 1952 2000
Mas2Interior Adams Marvin F 1922 1991
Tommie S 1917
Mas2Interior Dockery Roy Willard 1918 1984
Mas2Interior Brown Peggy 1933 2006
Mas2Interior Clark Apryl 1973 2005
Mas2Interior Davenport Dorothy D 1929 1984
Mas2Interior Ross Bill 1936 2000
Mas2Interior Douglas Bascal O 1904 1988
Emma 1906 1978
Mas2Interior Marius Edwin D 1909 1980
Fay E 1908 1991
Mas2Interior Woodward Maggie 1906 2001
Mas2Interior Williams George C 1904 1980
Louise J 1909 1999
Mas2Interior Hill Harry C 1924 2008
Jean P 1930
Mas2Interior McDuffie Andrea K 1980
Davaan A 2002 2005
Mas2Interior Goslee Richard (Tommy) 1971 2007
Kim 1967
Mas2Interior Thompson Johnny G Jr 1974 1981
Mas2Interior Hayes Royce Q 1929 2000
Mary C 1932
Mas2Interior Arledge William V 1925 2001
Julia E 1926
Mas2Interior Summers Thomas Burton 1921 1993
Mas2Interior Summers Sidney Harlan 1952
Mas2Interior Summers Florine Dean 1918 2008
Mas2Interior Summers Thomas Gail 1956
Mas2Interior Taylor Mary E Wrather 9/21/1929 3/12/2004
Mas2Interior Blissard Martha J 1932
Mas2Interior Travis Martha D 1920 2006
Mas2Interior Blissard Arthur J 1917 1981
Mas2Interior Gordon Chester 1927 2005
Mas2Interior Blissard Deborah I 1951
Mas2Interior Gordon Millinee 1925 2002
Mas2Interior Johnson Robert L 1934 2000
Mas2Interior Bowman Jerry
Mas2Interior Bowman Darlene M
Mas2Interior Schrader  Eddie 1971 1987
Mas2Interior Dillon James M 1934 1999
Mas2Interior Dege Charlotte Ann 1959 2008
Mas2Interior Hoffman-Levy Helen 4/24/1917 7/28/2001
Mas2Interior Dillon Mary Sue 1936
Mas2Interior Adams Edly B 1933 1999
Mas2Interior Adams Wendell "Fisher" 1963 2001
Mas2Interior Grablis Chester M Jr 1970 1992
Mas2Interior King Gaston E "Jack" 1943 2007
Mas2Interior Anderson David L 1960
Pamela S 1958 2004
Mas2Interior Grablis Chester Sr 1935 2004
Teresa 1937
Mas2Interior Engle Charles Troy 1935
Sherry D 1946
Mas2Interior Dhom Dean C 1932 2005
Frances J 1933
Mas2Interior Whitehead James O 1941 1999
Dee Dee 1943
Mas2Interior Bond Robert R 1948 2005
Judy C 1953
Mas2Interior Poole Gibson Jr 1928 2007
Carolyn 1939 2000
Mas2Interior Bond Charles Jeffery 1973
Mas2Interior Todd James E 1934 2000
Mas2Interior Randolph Geraldine P 1930 2005
Mas2Interior Hibdon Claude H 1921
Mas2Interior McKinney Gid F 1933 2001
Mas2Interior Wilson William H 1922 2008
Jean B 1921 2008
Mas2Interior Hibdon Ruth Y 1921 2000
Mas2Interior McKinney Barbara A 1931 2005
Mas2Interior Dyer Elizabeth  1916 2006
Mas2Interior Dyer Betty Dawn 1959 1983
Mas2Interior Cantrell Claude Jr 1922 1972
Dorothy M 1924 1980
Mas2Interior Bush Walter C 1918 1997
Dorothy  1921
Mas2Interior Leverette Stanley C 1908 1994
Bessie M 1909 1981
Mas2Interior Travis Frank 1918 1976
Louise G 1918 1976
Mas2Interior Casey Joe T 1914 1979
Mas2Interior Smiths Bob R 1916 1982
Sue B Wheeler 1915 1991
Mas2Interior LaTorre Anthony J 1906 1999
Mary T 1906 2002
Mas2Interior Mountain Dorothy D 1935 2000
Mas2Interior Russell Richard T Jr 1922 2004
Mas2Interior Mullin Wesley T 1920 1982
Mas2Interior Minor Margie B 1928 1990
Lloyd C 1926 1993
Mas2Interior Hopkins Minnie Bond 1933 1995
John Robert 1933 2006
Mas2Interior Moore Sandra M 1948 1975
Mas2Interior Pagliuca Marie 1916 2005
Louis 1914 2007
Mas2Interior Waldron Emmett W Jr 1914 1973
Inez 1917 2000
Mas2Interior Caffey Dan 2003
Mas2Interior Stottlemyer Lawrence W 1921 2001
Helen M 1921
Mas2Interior Smotherman Joseph L 1902 1979
Vera Y 1917 1983
Mas2Interior DeClue Doris Jean 1933 2005
Mas2Interior Blair Raymond M 1896 1974
Annien Blair 1906 2003
Mas2Interior Denton John E 1897 1987
Emma L 1893 1978
Mas2Interior Ausmus Cary W 1947 1984
Kelley Ruth W 1922 2007
Mas2Interior Jones J R Bob 1953 2001
James R 1931
Mas2Interior Tribble John B 1916 1984
Nellie P 1907 1998