So You Want To Head to the Cemetery….

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With Spring fast approaching, a lot of people, um I mean Genealogists decide to go Cemeterying.  This means that the average person gets in their car, goes to a family cemetery and takes pictures.

But dear average person, if you are not properly attired and properly perpared, you can be hurt or even killed. So how about a few safety ideas, from someone who Cemeteries  a lot.  Yes, Cemeteries is a verb.

1)  Wear good hiking boots. Cemeteries are FULL of holes due to caved in graves and the animals that like to live there.  They dig lots of holes. If you step in one, you can easily turn an ankle.  Now is not the time to try out those new Sunday pumps.  By a good pair of hiking boots that can also help protect you from snake bite.  And wear them a few times before you go Cemeterying.

2) Wear bug repellant.  You will thank me later.  No one wants to remember their latest cemetery trip by how many bug bites they get.  If you are from the Northern United States, I will assure you, No One has ever died from Chigger bites.  They have just prayed that they would!

3) Take plenty of food and water.  No, we aren’t going to picnic, but we are going to possibly hike a bit and deal with brush, so we will be burning a lot of calories.  Take snacks that travel lightly.  Peanuts are a good one, since they are full of protein and are fairly light weight. They will fill you up quickly, if you don’t have a peanut allergy.  Protein bars are also good.  Just be sure and take any trash back to your car and don’t leave it behind.

4)  Tell people were you are going.  Leave a detailed map with someone who can call the police if you come up missing.  If you step in a hole, and twist an ankle, don’t you want someone looking for you come night fall?  Don’t depend on your cellphone. Most rural areas don’t have cell coverage. 

5) But take the phone anyway. The light makes a great shadow maker to help with difficult to photograph stones, and it does have a great camera on it and yes, you can even use it in an emergency!

6) Take a friend. Cemeterying is much more fun with a friend (or several) and the odds the whole group are going to twist an ankle and not be able to go for help are slim!  Plus the more cameras you have, the faster the photography session goes!  Lots of hands make light the work.

7) Take an old hoe.  This is a shoutout to my hubby who always takes his Hoe on Cemetery trips. Its a very bad running joke with us, but that Hoe has saved our lives several times. The 7 foot long handle is pretty good for picking up a snake on the path and giving him a free ride somewhere far from where you might be standing, without you actually having to be within 7 foot of the snake.  It also is great for cutting down small trees, bramble and bushes around head stones and finally, it makes for a very bad running joke with your partner of “Hey, Joe what you and your Hoe going to do for supper.” 

8) Take a small first aid kit with you.  I personally prefer to wear a fanny pack.  It fits nicely under my shirt and in it I can carry a few band aids, a small tube of anti itch cream, a few alcohol wipes to clean up a scrape and a few extra batteries for the camera.  You can put a few snacks in it as well, and your favorite bug spray in a travel size bottle.

9) Camera batteries. Especially if your digital camera needs a specialty battery, do not expect the local drugstore in rural TN to carry that particular brand, or batteries at all for that matter.  Bring your own.

10)  A change of clothes.  Don’t ask me how I know this is important, but if you are photographing a cemetery in someone’s cow pasture, and you do not want your new car to have a manure smell come Monday, a change of clothes and a trash bag are welcome additions to any Cemeterying bag.

11)  Be ready to knock on a few doors.  I mostly photograph in rural Tennessee and most everyone there has been so gracious to let us photograph. Some people HAVE NOT!  I’d rather find that out on their front porch as I ask nicely if I might photograph the family cemetery in the back yard, than when they release the family hounds (yes, I have had that happen so ask EVERY house you see), when they start shooting, or when the Sherriff shows up.  It helps to know the local laws about cemetery and trespass as well.  It doesn’t hurt to introduce yourself to local law enforcement before you start taking pictures since they tend to be friendlier if they talked to you earlier in the day at the station and not after a local home owner has called the police.  Keep in mind Law Enforcement work for the people who pay the taxes, so who are they going to side with?

12) Be friendly.  You could be talking to a distant cousin. You know the one who hasn’t returned your DNA email.  The one with the family photos you want. Or at the very least, the guy who can deny you right to access if you make him mad!  So be nice.  Tell him who you are, why you are there and what you plan on doing with the images (be honest).   If he says no, I’d leave politely and let someone else try. 

13)  Take lots of pictures. Digital pictures are cheap. Take lots. You can delete the ones you don’t need once you get home.

14)  Spring time is this magical time when animals give birth.  Baby rabbits, baby chickens, baby geese, baby rattle snakes, baby ticks, baby wolves… you get the idea. Be aware, you are entering their home and babies ALWAYS have mommas.  So tread lightly, be always aware of where you are putting you feet and hands and if in doubt, leave the area.  A tombstone picture is not worth a snake bite or worse.  You can always come back later.  Spring is the time when snakes are out the most. They are cold blooded and warm, flat rocks (think tombstones) make great places for them to warm up their bodies.  Be aware that they may burrow in hollowed out tombs, so you need to be aware of where you put your feet.  Be prepared to leave the area if you have to and leave quickly.  Don’t even ask me about the cemetery completely surrounded by a rock wall in Tennessee that had so many snakes, you could hear them as you approached the cemetery.  SHUDDER!

15)  Have fun, but be respectful of the area. If you remove flowers or ceramics to take your picture, put them back where you found them.  Do not clean stones unless you are trained to do so.  Better to not clean than to ruin a stone for future generations.  Don’t try and fix stones unless you know how.  You can be seriously hurt by stones falling over.  Remember, they are leaning for a reason, and that could be the loose ground they are standing on.  So be careful around leaning stones.

16) If you do decide to pick up trash, be careful.  Some areas have open beverage laws.  Even that old beer bottle you picked up off the cemetery.  Be sure to dispose of all trash in proper receptacles once you are back in civilization.  No sense in cleaning up the cemetery to then trash the local highways.

17) Don’t forget to pay your respects.  If you are visiting your great grandparents grave for the first time, why not take some flowers?  Just a small bouquet to pay homage to the people you are visiting. I know we can’t do that for every ancestor if we visit several cemeteries in a day, but pick one or two to pay your respects to.  You will not regret the decision to spend a few bucks and take the time to say thank you.

18)  Allow for extra time to visit rural cemeteries. Hubby and I once hiked 3 hours to visit a cemetery of my 3rd great grandparents.  After we visited with them for about an hour and enjoyed the view they must have enjoyed from their front porch, we had a 3 hours hike back. But due to being tired and only having a light snack for lunch, that hike took almost 4 hours!  The view was worth it, but we did have to let our contact know we’d be later than we had originally thought.  A mostly down hill hike to the cemetery is going to mean a mostly up hill hike home.  So take into consideration terrain when you are planning out how long a trip might take. Not all family cemeteries are by the side of the road.

19)  Take a few towels and a few wet wash rags with you in the car.  This is something we have learned over the years.  After an 8 hour hike, you really want to clean up a bit at the local McDonald’s before you return to your hotel or go to a nice restaurant for dinner.  McDonald’s are used to traveler looking a little disheveled, but we have found most nicer restaurants and hotels aren’t as receptive to you coming in with grass in your hair, smelling like you hiked for 8 hours.  So a quick wash off and hair fixing is in order, even if you have to do it in the car while driving. 

20) We live in marvelous times.  If you can, find out the GPS coordinates of your cemetery.  If you are lucky and the area does have cell service, your phone can literally lead you within a few feet of where you need to be. Especially great if the cemetery is in a wooded area and if you aren’t good with directions.  I find it most helpful once I get to the cemetery in helping me find my way BACK to my car, so don’t forget to record the coordinates of your car before you start hiking.

Have fun if you go Cemeterying this Spring. There is no greater joy than finding a few hundred distant cousins and aunts and grand parents all buried in neat little rows. Especially if they died a few hundred years ago and their passing didn’t cause you personally to mourn them.  So have fun, be safe, and be sure and post your pictures once you get home.


White Cemetery

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This cemetery is located in the Webbs Jungle Quadrangle.  It is located  on a farm in a field directly across from the Millersburg Church.   The cemetery is not listed in the Rutherford County Cemetery Book.   Photographed by:  Carol Robertson White



The cemetery and farm sign as it appeared on May 8, 2005

Evergreen Cemetery Part

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Photographed by Beth Swain swaingenie@gmail.com

This is not the entire cemetery. Evergreen is a large city cemetery that is still in use. Beth just photographed the families she was interested in.


James Monroe Lannom

15 Feb 1859

10 Oct 1953

Tennie Bell Lannom

22 Sep 1869

11 Nov 1955


Charlie Jones

Jan 1887

09 Sep 1954010_10

W, Harvey Singleton



Leta B. Singleton




Mattie Victory Lovvorn

26 Jun 1891

03 Dec 1954012_12

Charlws W. Victory

24 May 1913

28 Jan 1938

Estell W. Victory

29 Apr 1912


Willie D. Victory

29 Nov 1886

09 Sep 1941


Maggie V. Singleton

07 Feb 1868

26 Nov 1945


Nannie C. Victory



Jim P. Victory




Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Victory

Patricia A.

27 Oct 1954

27 Oct 1954


Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Victory


28 No 1925

18 Feb 1928


Frank Victory

04 Jun 1903

15 Aug 1931

Annie Victory

28 Sep 1905

20 Jun 1968

Married 10 July 1922


Charles Wesley Victory



Hallie Mai Singleton




James Polk McCullough



Annie Swain McCullough




Janie  Swain Allen

31 Oct 1876

12 Jun 1938

John Thomas Allen

21 Jul 1873

27 Jan 1938007_07

W. Harvey Singleton



Lela B. Singleton




Maggie V. Singleton

07 Feb 1868

26 Nov 1945010_10


Jimmie Harvey Victory

14 May 1884

C. W. Victory

09 Feb 1873

17 Oct 1944


Martha Singleton

25 Apr 1892

24 Nov 1947


Roy H. Victory

28 Aug 1910

28 Oct 1968004_04

Blufford B. Swain

Co E.

45 Tenn Inf


22 Aug 1830

10 Mar 1926

We are now on Facebook!

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There are now more ways to communicate with fellow researchers in Rutherford County TN.  We now have a Facebook page!

Facebook page for Rutherford County, TN Genealogy


You can still email with other researchers as well.

I encourage anyone needing genealogical help to join us at the Rootsweb mailing list by sending a subscription message to TNRUTHER-L-request@rootsweb.com  .Put the word SUBSCRIBE into your subject line. Put nothing into your message.  Once you get a message telling you that you are subscribed to the list, you can then post to the list by sending a message to TNRUTHER-L@rootsweb.com .  There are lots of helpful researchers there that can assist you with genealogical research in Rutherford County, TN.

Auburn Cemetery, Auburn, Logan County, KY

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The older part of this cemetery is starting to not be well cared for.  After a discussion on TNJACKSON-L@rootsweb.com, I offered a page here to Sammie Jean Gregory Fairchild (Jeannie)

Looking4myfamily@att.net or


to host any images she has of the stones.  She sent me these few stones and hopes to get back to take more soon.  Thanks to Jeannie for sending me these stones. 

Cora Climer Patterson, Auburn Cemetery, Auburn Logan KY

Cora Elizaeth (Etta) Climer Patterson

She has lots of nieces and newphew in Ruftherford County, TN

James Manson Climer  Grave Auburn KY Cemetery

James Manson Climer has many grandchildren and great and great great grandchildren in your county. His son William Stanton Climer and Bessie Dycus Climer moved there around 1929 or 1930.  Yes, that is right, James Manson’s descendants are Rutherford Countians!–Son William Stanton Climer and wife Bessie Dycus Climer of MACON COUNTY MOVED TO Rutherford county They had 13 children. 

 Viola Virgina Hughes Thomas Climer dob wrong should be 1866, Auburn Cemetery Auburn KY

Viola Climer



Please note: She was born 06/02/1866 the birth date year is wrong. She is the wife of James Manson Climer and the mother of William Stanton Climer.

Rutherford County Cemeteries and directions by Bill Darby

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revised 09-04/ 05-07
By Bill Darby bdarby@vallnet.com

AKIN – corner of Stone’s River rd @ Old Nashville Hi – off app 200′

acc 7/ cap 20 ?/ main 6/ view 1/ int 4

death – Bettie E. A 1850-91 /

names – Akin

int > large cedar tree

ALEXANDER – Elam’s Mill rd, n/o Rucker Rd off hi 231 so of Murff/ off road in pasture – east side

acc 3/ cap 100(?)/ maint 0/ rem 9/ int 9

death – Nancy Alexander 1786-1863

names – Alexander, Thompson, most are illegible

note> badly neglected

ARNETT – Bevin’s Hill Rd

acc 10/ cap 20/ main 9/ int 5

names – Arnett, Hoover, Pitts, Sanford

int> wooden triangular marker – Henry Clay Arnett 45th co D Tn inf CSA 1815-1919

BENEVOLENT – Park Ave – Murfreesboro – 1 block off 231 s/o Broad Street

acc 2pp/ cap 200?/ main 4/ int 4

death – German Brown d 1827 – 78 yrs/ Nathan Turner 1847-1905/ Lucinda Smith d 1902 – 85 yrs/ Narcissa Turner d 1903- 87 yrs/ Lucinda Jordan 1842-?/ Jemimah Rayburn – old black mammy 1827-1908/ Oscar Sehorn – inf Spanish American war/

names – Alexander, Avent, Bass, Batey, Bonds, Brandon, Brown, Chesterfield, Coppage, Dowell, Franklin, Gilliam, Green, Harding, Harden, Hatchett, Haynes, Higgins, Howse, Jarrett, Johnson, Keeble, King, Laster, Long, Lyons, Lytle, Malone, McClain, McGowan, McIntyre, McDowell Moore, Mullins, Murray, Norris, Officer, Pierce, Puckett, Reece, Ridley, Robinson, Sanford, SHane, Shanes, Smith, Sublett, Taylor, Thomspon, Trimble, Turner, Washington, Webb, Winston, Williams, Womack, Woodson, unmarked,

BENNETT – Mt. Vernon rd. 1 block south off Hi 99 east of Eagleville, acc 8/ cap 100/ int 4

names – Bennett+, Brown, Burris, Deckelman, Fletcher, Gould, Gregory, Hayes, King, Lynch, Manier, Maupin, Owen, Potter, Ray, Riddle+, Scott+, Taylor, Young, sev illegible,

BEECHGROVE – off Hi 41 @ Hi 64 @ I 24

acc 10/ cap 200/ main 10/ int 10

death – Isaac Eoft – pvt continental line – Rev war 1761-1841/ Jos Carney 1730-1811

names – Fergason, Johnston, Stephenson

int > many unknown Confederate graves

info contact BGCC 314 Layne St/ Tullahoma/ ph 931-455-9500/ 931-728-3877

BIG CREEK – beside BC church on Big Springs rd

acc 9/ cap / main 10/ int 5

death – Rhodia Eliz. Todd – 1845-1922/ JF T 1846-1911

names – Banks, Boyce, Brown, Messick, Todd, unmarked areas

BLACKMAN – near Blackman Rd interscn/ near 840/ in a cornfield – app .1 mile off Vaughn rd.

acc 7 / cap 30/ acc 7

int – ornate – stone wall, obelisk stones

death – 1872 Alfred Blackman

BOWMAN – Jasper Johnson @ Mankin rd

acc 8 pp/ cap 20/ main 3/ int 6

death – DBT Bowman 1827-1905/ Rebecca B 1828-1908

names – Bowman, Johnson,

int > new wood fence

BURRUS – on Cider Ln/ off Cherry Ln, n/o Murfreesboro

acc 8pp / cap 6 / main 6 /view 8 / int 8

death – Cha B 1795-1818/ Joseph B 1762-1821/ Sophia (wife) 1775-1835 Lucy Ann B 1804-21/ William G B 1815-59

names – Burrus, Leonard (si)

int > – tall obelisk stones – ornate iron fence (01)

COLEMAN – Hi _ _ _ ____

acc 10/ cap 500/ maint 10/ scenic 6/ int 6

death – Allie Benson 1865-90

int > Lara Lee Salmon 1965-84 – various cameo pictures different intervals

Uncle Dave Macon buried here

Pvt Thomas Andrew Weeks – 1826-1911 Co A 1st Tenn cav CSA

Emma Travis – dau of T A Weeks & H E McCully – married BF Travis – no death date

names – Adams, Arnette, Anderson, Andrews, Arnold, Armstrong, Atkinson, Bailey, Bain, Baird, Benson, Bivins, Bruce(S), Bowman, Bowen, Bowers, Brashear, Bryson, Brandon, Burks, Brown, Baxter, Bay, Boyd, Broyles, Campbell, Coleman, Chumney, Dabbs(S), Davenport, Davidson, Dement, Doubler, George, Hall, Harrell, Heirod, Helms, Higdon, Hollandworth, Hope, Hoover, Jacobs, Jakes, Jamison, Jeffrey, Jones, Johnson, Lassiter, Ling, Leonard, Macon, Mahaffey, McCormick, McDOugal, McCaslin, McCulley, McMillan, Maxwell, Medlock(S), Melton(S), Meyer, Moore, Morris, Mosley, Miller, Mullins, Neely, Nessick, Nipper, O’Brien, Parker, Patterson, Peay, Peck, Perryman, Pitts, Porterfield, Ray, Reed, Richardson, Robinson, Rogers, Rollins, Richards, Rooker, Sauls, Saums, Simpson, Salmon(S), Shelton, Shroat, Sensing, Sloan, Short, Smitty, Smith(S), Sweeney, Shaw, Shipp, Stingley, Stroud, Travis, Thompson(S), Walkup, Welchance, Weeks, Williams(S), Willis, Wilson, Wooten, Woods, Wilder, Young, Zumbro,

CANNON – near Poole Knobs rec area/ off of Jones Mill/

dir – go north on Jones Mill Rd – fork right at the Percy Priest sign follow to area behind Ranger’s residence which joins the old Jones Mill Rd, follow old road along Lake side and veer to right. THe old wagon road will come to the cemetery app .5 mile. – rd off Fergus off highway 41 south of Lavergne

acc 2 / cap 300? / main 0/ rem 10/ int 9

death – Dr. John Gooch 1800-53/ Eliza G – 1814-77/ Nathaniel G – 1768-1841 Wm H Davis – 1786-1872/ Mary D 1794-18z30/ Martha Walker 1798-1841 Geo Ralston 1790-1837

names – Brackin, Canon, Clark, Edmondson, Gooch, Chapman, Davis, Ferguson, Garner, Goodloe, Hibbett, Hight, Holland, Mullins, Nance, Ralston, Sanders, Sharp, Smith, Walker, White, Wilson many unmarked,

int> Mattie Sikes – 1837-1860 – died at childbirth many deaths prior to 1850, Maj John Sharp – revolutionary soldier 1752 – 1824

CARLTON – Snail Shell Cave rd – north off hi 99 near Rockvale community ret

acc 3/ cap 60/ maint 9/ view 3 / rem 7/ int 7

death Kinion Carlton-1815-80/ FM C – 1851-1906

names – Carlton+, Elam, Holder, Jackson, Loftin,

CARLTON – off South Windrow rd / access road / contact – Robert Hendrix – 1265 N. Main – Eagleville 37060

acc 9/ cap 100/ main 10 / rem 2 /spi 7/ int 7

death – Loucinday – 1899/ John Carlton 1887 Harris 1892 / Sarah Winsett 1798-1870 / Silas W 1787-1867 S J Winsett – 1867

names – Boyce, Carlton, Covington+, Cummings, Douglas, Foster, Gleaves, Goforth, Harris, Haynes, Hendrix+, Holder, Holton, Jones, Kelley, Leathers, McWhirter, Mangrum, Maupin, Moeller, Moore, Morris+, Neal, Rutledge+, Ralston, Sharber+, Smith, Smotherman+, Sparkman, Steele+, Tune, Turner, Underwood+, Vaughn, Winsett+, Williams, Watson, Webster, West+,

int > plot is set in several houses/ American flag Jerri Turner – infant – ‘bright eyes’ on stone

CHADWICK – Hi 41 – app 12 m s/o Murff,

acc 10/ cap 100/

death – VL Chadwick 1898

names – Arnold, Bell, Chadwick, Delbridge, Drake, Donnell, Eads, Edwards, Frizzell, Hoover, Howland, Insell, Mason, Nelson, Pilkington, Pinkston, Rallings, Rushing, Seagroves, Stem, Shelton, Stovall, Yearwood, sev unmarked,

int > James M Fulks – 1st Tn cav / raised stone grave Tho Edwards – Arkansas – CSA

CEM – s/o Eagleville – Hi 41A

acc 5pp\ cap 10\ main 6\ int 6

death – J H Hay 1832-1913/ M G H 1842-1916

names – Crockett, Hay, McWhirter

COVINGTON – off Hi 99, off Jacksn Ridge rd.

acc 5 pp/ cap 50/ view 4/ int 9

death – John Taylor 1813-1861 – Unionist took sick while delivering a message to the Union army Sarah M Taylor – 1815-87/ JC taylor 1809-68

names – Brannon, Brown, Bullock, Covington, Farley, Frost, Martin, Morgan, Nichols, Taylor, Wilson

DILTON – Hi 99 @ D

acc 9/ cap 200/ maint 10/ scen 7/ rem 5/ int 6

death – Permelia Kirby 1822-94,

names – Arnette(s), Arnold, Benson, Bivins, Bolling, Brandon, Browley, Broyles, Bullard, Bynum, Carter, Clinton, Cooper, Davenport, Dean, Dover, Earp, Edmonds, Faulkner, Ferrell, Gale, Gannon, Gilley, Gordon, Gum, Harris, Harrell, Harvey, Hayes, Herrod, Higgins, Hirlston(S) Holloway, Howland, Howse, Hudson, James, Jernigan++, Jones, Knight, Landrum(S), Lawrence, Lowe, Mankin, Manus, McGill, Mingle, Minnick, Overall, Pearcy, Phillips, Preston, Puckett, Reed, Reeves, Roberts, Robertson, Russell, Smith(S), Singleton, Speer, Stephens, Talbert, Tarter(S), Taylor, Tolbert, Toombs, Travis, Turl, Wallace, Walls, Whitworth(S), Wilson, Yearwood, Youree, unmarked,

DYER Rd – off south Windrow –

acc 10/ cap 50/ rem 7/ scen 7/ int 7

death – 1877 – Allison Dyer – infant/ Henry Dyer 1867

int> large number of infant graves

names – Alcorn, Dyer+, Elrod, Gambel, Leathers +,

ELAM RD – off Hi 41 –

acc 9/ cap 20/

death – Samuel B Elam 1895

names – Elam, Weldon, Snell, Wm Snell 1862

int – large cedar trees – iron fence

ELAM RD – off Hi 41 near I-40 overpass /

acc 10/ cap 50/ int 4

names – Batey, Beard, Bright, Buchanan, Chaney, Clemmons, Ewin, Fagan, Frazier, Garner, Green, Haliburton, Harper, Knox, Lawrence, Martin, McHenry, Miller, Osborne, Richardson, Smith, Sparks, Strickland, Thomas, Townsend, Wade, unmarked spots

EMERY – Compton rd/ (hi 268) n/o Murfreesboro (African am)

acc 10/ cap 100?/ main 6/ int 5

names – Albert, Avant, Alexnder, Batts, Black+, Brown, Burks, Collins, Cooper, Crawford, Gamble, Gilreat, Hancock, Hailey, Huddleston, Johnson, King, Knight, McHenry, Mitchell, Muckle, Nelson, Odom, Polk, Randolph, Rankin, Rhodes, Rucker, Ross, Smith, Swader, Wade, Watkins+, Weatherly, Woods, Works, Wright, unmarked 50+?,

EVERGREEN – Hi41 – Murf city limits,

acc 10/ cap 200/ int 2

death/ Mrs. WIlliam Clayton 1891

names – Anderson+, Avant, Avent, Baskett, Beard – John Jr infant 1923 Black, Butler, Buntley, Burris, Campbell, Clark+, Clayton, Coleman, Crutcher, Dotson, Fowler, Gaines, Grisham, Hall, Harlan+, Hawkins, Haynes+, Henderson, Hickman, Hiles, Henley, Holland, Howard, Hunter+, James, Johns, Johnson, King+, Lytle, Malone+, Manson+, Mason, Matthews, Minter+, Mosby+, Murray, Myles, Orr, Perry, Ransom, Roper, Rucker+, Shannon, Smith+, Spivey, Tillage+, Trimble, Vaughter, Wade+, Walker, Washington+, Woodson, unmarked,

– Rockdale/Fellowship rd

acc 9/ cap 50/ maint 10/ scen 7/ int 8

death – John Lemons – 1790-1873/ Sarah L 1795-1874

names – Bodily+, Breeman, Carter+, Chandler, Davis, Drury, Edwards, Freeman+, Golden, Johnson, Lannom, Lemons, Owns, Pafford+, Russell, Sanders+, Smartt, Towns, Ward, Zago, illegibles+, unmarked+,

int>; shelter built over a grave small prayer garden attached

FOSTERVILLE – Fosterville/ Short ck rd – east of F

acc 9/ cap 200/ main 9/ int 5

names – Alderson, Brothers, Brown, Bingham, Blalock, Bragg Chrisamn, Clark, Crosslin, Faulk, Fulton, George, Gilmore, Harrell, Harris, Helton, Hoover, Jarman (s), Jones, Joyce, Lamb, Lokey, Lynch, McCallie, Moore, Oden, Parker, Patterson, Powell, Rigney, Smith, Stuart, Sutton, Swafford, Taylor, Thomas, Walker, Walls, Ward, Wesley, Wilhoite, Williams,

int >pyrimidal slab graves,

GAMBILL LN – off Rocky Fork Rd – s/o Lavergne

acc 9/ cap 20/ main 3/ rem 8/ int 1

names – Hill, Oden, Redmond, Richardson, Ridley, Windrow,

HARREL – Hi 99 – near Wilson/ Overall rd

acc 9/ cap 30/ maint / int 6

death – Dr. JM Dill 1831-1916. Mary Hill Dill 1847-1928

int > a small stone building housing several graves

names – Dill, Harrell, Kelton, Graddy, Wallace,

HICKORY GROVE – hi 266 north of Smyrna near 840, small fenced rd – walk past fence app .2 mile to hilltop

acc 5/ cap 50/ main / rem 9/ int 3

names – Akin, Brown, Cason, Crockett, Culver, Drew, Espey, Harris, Hathaway, Herberth, King, Jordan, Lewis, Lloyd, Malone, Marable, Martin, Peebles Sanders, Sandier, Simmons, Shepherd, Swader,

HI 41A – west side – s/o Eagleville

acc 9\ cap 25\ main 7\ int 6

names – Arnold, Elmore, Gillespie, McClaran, Owen

HILL – H cem rd – north off Patterson Rd

acc 9/ cap 100/ main 7/ rem 8/ scen 7/ int 9

death John D Hill – 1811-44 (?)/ John Hill 1774-1846/ Rebecca H 1785-1873

names – Jordan, Morris, many illegible stones Stewart (s), Simmons, Vaughn (s), Winsett, Yeargin,

int > old stone box graves/ more spaces for many grave

HOLDEN CEM – S. Lovvorn rd –

acc 10/ cap 100/ rem 4/ scen 7/ int 5

death – CW Holden 1826-1910/ James Jackson 1848-1923/ Malita Mc J 1841-1907

names – Epps (s), Grigg (s) Hale, Hall, Holden, Jackson, Lovvorn (si), Oden, illegibles, Smith, Spence,

int > Large sweet gum tree

– Mt. Pleasant Rd, 1 block south off hi 99 east of

Eagelville/ acc 8/ cap 30/ death WC Morgan 1905/ int 5

names – McClaren, Pope, Coursey, Taylor, Hudson, Edwards Epperson, Morgan, Lorrance

int > 4 yr old’s grave with very old picture – Pope

HUGHES – Beasley Rd – e/o Hi 31A, n/o Holts Corner

acc 5pp\ cap 40?\ int 8

death – Madison Hughs 1789-1876/ Sallie H 1805-81/ Mary H 1795-1831/ Roly? H 1806-40

names – Hughs, Ogilvie, Roane, Williams, illiegibles++

JACKSON – Little Rock Rd – east of Eagleville –

acc 8/ cap 20/ main 10/ rem / spirit 3/ scen 6/ int 6

death – Jane Carson 1857-1904/ Wm Mason 1809-75 names – Carson, Jackson, Foster, Love, North, Williamson, unmarked

JACKSON – HI 269 – s/o Versailles comm.

acc 5 (pp)/ cap 20/ main 9/ int 8

death – Mary J 1826-53/ Francis J 1766-1845/ Francis J 1804-78 Elizabeth Hale 1809-88/ Annia Johnson 1838-63/

int > ornate iron fence

JACKSON – Versailles rd

acc 9/ cap 15/ main 9/ int 7

death – Rachel A J – 1859-1952/ Capt Francis Marion J – 1838-1901

Jane George – 1824-1904

names – George, Jackson

– JR rd. / church bldg inc ??

acc 10/ cap / main 10/ rem 4/ scen 5/ int

death – Susan Manie 1798-1862/ Prissilla Corbin 1819-57

names – Alcorn, Allen, Black, Bush, Clark, Corbin, , Collins, Crick, Floyd, Frank, Hayden, Haynes, Hinson, Jackson, Lynch, MacMahon, McDaniel, Malone, Taylor, Vaughn, Walker, Walls,

int> small white bldg church – older plots with iron fences

– County line rd/ Ruth-Bedford line,

acc 10/ cap 100/ /int 4

death – EB Owen 1924, Gertrude Newman – 1921

names – Brothers, Burns, Fann, Jones, Smith, Willard, Whitworth, Winfrey, Modrall, Sudberry, Wheelhouse, Owen, Newman

JOHNS – Greenwood rd – Hi 99 south of Eagleville

acc 8/ cap 20/ int 3

names – Shelton, Johns Ramsey, Redmond+

int – white breeko block wall – 5′

– Rucker Christian/ Johnson rd intn

acc 8/ cap 200/ maint 5/ int 3

death – Norman Johnson 1948

names – Akins, Anderson, Baskett, Beard – Robert A d 1976/ Henry B – 1997, Butler, Chesterfield – Rev Jesse (no stone)Childress+, Cook, Daniels+, Davis, Ervin, Fletcher, Frazier+, Freeman, Henry, Johnson, Johns, Kimbro+, Lytle+, McClean, McCrary+, McGill, Mimms, Minter, Morris, Nance, Newman, Norman, Phillips, Rucker, Smith+, Stovall, Sneed, Vinter, Wade+, Wagoner, Webb+, Wellington, White, Williams+, Wilson, Woods+, York, Young, illegibles, limestone stones,

int> Olivia Minter – black marble stone, deer image

KELLEY – Greenwood road – app 1/2 west of Eagleville

acc 7/ cap

death JH Kelley 1925

names – Hirsbrunner, Kelley+, White, lost stones

int> breeko block wall

LITTLE ROCK rd/ e/o Eagleville

acc 9/ cap 15/ int -6

names – May, Carson, North,Thomas, Love, Jackson, Roberts, Foster, Williamson,

LANNOM – Maddux ln, near Ruth/ Wilsn line – memory of Isom Lannom

acc 10/ cap 100/ main / rem 6/ scen 7/ int 8

death – Mary A Lannom – died 1867/ Mary B L – 1816-1901 John N L 1813-76, Elizabeth L 1810-45

names – Burlason, Lannom, McCullouch, Edwards, Comer, McPeak Wd M – 1882-1950, Laura M 1886-1963, Martha M (i) 1926. Rufus M 1914-1993, Mildred M 1926 -, Nelson M – 1910-89, Lucille P. M 1919-86, Bond, Dobson, Edmondson, McElroy Henley,, Smith, Morrow, Pafford, Patton, Peach, Pomeroy Welch

int> strange limstone shard 5′ – MF Lannom – 1856-1955 many deaths prior to 1900

LOWE – Manking/ McKnight rd – s/o Cedar Grove eo Hi 41

acc 9/ cap 25/ main 9/ rem 6/ scen 6/ int 6

death – Walter Lowe 1826-1909/ Martha S L 1837-1924

names – Hatchett, Lowe, Mankin,

LYTLE – interstn of broad st & memorial blvd – Murefreesboro

acc 10/ cap 50 ?/ main 7/ int 8

death – VB Gilliland 1813-58/ Mary Patterson L 1818?-1911/ Capt Wm L. / Nancy L d 1825 @ 53 yrs old/ Richard Caswell 1781-1810 Tabitha L 1781?-1817/

int > remains of Lytle farm

McCLAREN cem – Bogle road/ off Burnt Knob, off Almaville 102

acc 8/ cap 100/ main 10/ scen 9/ int 8

death – A. McClaren 1853-1931/ Tho J Mc 1843-1918/ Corp TJ McClaren 23rd Tn inf co E CSA/ Susan H Mc 1821-1902/ Daniel M 1803-1825/

Bogle, Brown, Duncan, Dye, Edwards, Elliot, Harris, Hayes, Hunt (s),

Lewis, McClaren, Mayes, Moore, Morris, Murphy, Read, Roden, Sanford, Shaw, Smythia, Vaughn, Vaughan, Waldron,

McCORD – Hi 269 @ interscn of Stone’s River La. e/o Eagleville

acc 10/ cap 30 (?)/ main 10/ rem 5/ scen 6/ view 5/ int 7

death – JR McCord 1855-1933/ Mary Mc 1847 – 1931/ Littleton Averitt 1797-1877/ Sarah Head A 1800-85/

names – Averitt, Robinson, stone slabs many unmarked

McPEAK – on Percy Priest Lake – dir – from the Falls Creek park parking lot – walk along shoreline eastward app 1/2 mile to an inlet on the north side of the creek – where Falls Creek joins the lake app. Past inlet is a small hill with a grove or cedars.

acc 2/ cap 60? / main 0/ rem 8/ scen 7/view 0/ int 8

death –

names – no information available as all headstones have been removed.


acc 9/ cap / main 8/ rem / scen / int 6

death – Elizabeth Lane 1850-92/ Andrew Wood 1829-1900/ Lodica W 1838-1920 James Tucker 1844-1920/ Usly T 1846=1926/

names – Arnold, Carey (?), Faulk, Jacobs, Lane, Modrall, Smith, Tucker,

int > four slab stones for boundaries, high number of infant graves –

– east of Christiana/ hi 269

cap 300/ acc 10/ int 7

death Robert Miller 1902/ Abie Miller 1877, J R Miller 1871

names – Adcock, Alexander, Allman, Arnold, Atwood, Ballard, Barber, Barlow, Barnes, Barringer, Beasley+, Bowling, Brady, Brandon, Broiles, Brothers+, Bobbit, Browning, Broyles, Burris, Campbell, Carter, Clark, Crutchfield, Dykes, Elis, Elliot, Espey+, Estes+, Fulghum, Fingar+, Finger, Gentry, Gibson, Gregory, Hale, Hendrickson+, Holden+, Hoover, Johns, Jones, Kelton+, Kiertzner, Lewis, McClure, McCallum, Marlin, Miller+, Moon, Morgan, Naylor, Neal, Neely, Newman, Nichol, O’Brien, Oden, Overcast,Page, Parsons+, Patton, Peel, Prater, Powell, Price, Rigney, Romans, Saums, Smith, Simms, Simrell+, Sindrich, Smotherman, Snow, Spence, Sugg, Taylor, Threet, Thomas, Tomlin, Walls, Webb, White, Wiggs, Williams+, Woodfin+, Wiseman, Victory, Yeargan, Yedinak

int> Parsons Kathleen & Hoyt – bn 1899, died 1985 within two weeks of each other / rectangular stone markers with eye screws obelisk stone – Ballard

MILLER – highway 231/ so of Murff, @ Caroline Drive

acc 7/ cap 30/ maint 5/ int 8

death S H Miller – 1844-78/ K M Boyles 1859-93/ Alfred Miller 1796-1867

int> large fifteen foot monument – Alfred Miller names Adderson, many damaged illegible stones, Boyles, Betty

MT PLEASANT – cem and church – south off Hi 99 – Mt P rd.

cap 300/ acc 10/ rem 5/ int 8

death Nathaneal Taylor 1888 / Mary S hall 1848 AC Winsen 1868 / Lindsey Morgan 1874 Landrum 1836/ Mary Ann Manervy 1851

names – Boyd, Brannon+, Brown, Burkett+, Carlton+, Childers, Chrisman, Cole, Crick, Dunn, Eakes, Edwards, Free, Heath+, Holden, Jackson, Lamb+, Landrum+, Martin, Maxwell, Mills, Morgan, Pinkerton, Pope, Powers+, Putman, Ralston, Ray, Read, Shead, Taylor, Tomlin, Uselton+, Vaughan, Webb, Willard, Whitehead, Winsen+, many illegibles,

MT TABOR – CP Church – Hi 41 – app 6 miles so of Murf

acc 9/ cap 100

death – David McGill 1862 James Mc 1862

names – Baskin, Beard, Bradley, Buchanan, Burchett, Davis, Dubois, Sade, Robeson, McGill, Osborn, Holt, Layhew, McAdams, Nisbett, Perry, Eads, Goodlowe Vaughn, Wilpoole, Ogles, Norris, McCreary, Naron, Kelton, Parker, Delbridge, Ferrell, Stacy, Gamewell, Smith,

int> old iron fence, large oak tree

NANCE – Versailles rd – so of inters 269

acc 7/ cap 50/

death – Richard Nance 1888, Elizabeth Nance 1878/ Sarah Smotherman 1873 – rating 4

names – Nance, Haynie, Hoye, Lowe, Comer, Maddox, Carlton

int> chain link fence

NEELEY Hiway 41 s of Kirkland E side,

acc 8/ cap 25/ int 3

names – Long Chrichlow Edmonds Carrington

NEW ZION RD – app 1 mile so. of Link comm /

death – Iola Dunn 1916, Lydia Smotherman 1902

acc 10/ cap 50/ int 3

names – Davis, Dunn, Faulker, Douglas, Coursey, 5 unmarked, Smotherman, Spence, Holden,

int> old cabin at rear of cem

– on north side in a tight curve

acc 6/ cap 30 ?/ main 5/ view 4/ int 2

names – Britton, Hudson, McKissack, McClaren,

int > poor area – homemade tombstones. unmarked graves

PEARSON – .75 acre / Epps Mill Rd @ I24 behind citco station

acc 8/ cap 3 (?)/ main 1/ rem / scen / int 2 many spaces without markings names – Pearson, Fowler

PRATER – Hi 41 so o Mur app 10m/

acc 9/ cap 50/ int 8

death – Reynolds – infant – 1886

names – Dodson, Drake, Fults, Jakes, Knox, Lynch, Marlin, Newman, Patterson, Phoenix, Prater, Reynolds, Todd, Winfrey, unmarked+,

int> old stone wall/ Dr. GW Todd – seven feet tall stone

RALSTON – interscn North Ln – e/o Eagleville – ret

acc 7/cap 30/ rem 4/int 6

death – Wm Ralston 1926/ Wm Ralston 1893

names – Ralston, many difficult to read,

RANSOM – corner of Whitus rd

acc 5/ cap 20/ main 5/ int 7

death – Cha Richard Ransom 1836-1907/ HD Snell 1851-933/ Mary S 1822-99

names – Ransom Riggan Snell, Tomlinson , illegibles

int > – iron fence

ROCKY GLADE/ Shoemaker rd – off Swamp rd – east of Eagleville

int> two one graves off to themselves/ guitar and harmonica stone – Rich Morris

acc 9/ cap 100/ maint / int 7

death Downing 1881

names – Anderson, Beasley, Beegel, Bellenfant, Booth, Brent, Brown, Burns, Carlton, Chaffin, Downing, Edmonds, Gray, Hall, Hendrix, Isam, Jackson, Jones, Lambert, McLaren, Marable, Maupin, Maxwell, Miller, Morris, Plunkett, Richards, Sanders, Smotherman, Smith, Wilson, Taylor, Snow , Turner, Underwood, Tomlin, Woods, Walls, Vincion, Vincent, Weaver,

ROMANS – Threet Rd

cap 3/ acc 9/ int 2

names – Romans, Faulk

int> masted American flag

RUCKER-PITTS – Compton rd (hi 268) n/o Murfreesboro

acc 8pp/ cap 30?/ main 6/ view 8/ int 8

death – Matthew P 1820-85/ James Rucker 1788-1850

names – Pitts, Rucker, 6 stone slabs, several unmarked spaces

int > – in newly developed neighborhood

RUSSELL – north of Eaglevl/ Oak St off Hi 41A

acc 9/ cap 60/ maint 8/ int 7 death – Sarah Jordan 1851-91 / Nanny J 1876-99/ Evaline Chambers 1822-98/ DT C 1830-97

names – Chambers+, Edmonds+, Maupin+, Pope, Holton+, Jordan, White+ Mofield, Hirsbrunner+, Morgan+, Hargrove, Perrell+, Lorance Stacey, Reed, Little+, Christopher+, Jackson, Hughes+, Russell+ Knott, Ghee,

SANDERS – est 1805/ Weakly Rd, north of Smryna

acc 10/ cap 50/ maint 7/ scenic 7/ remote 7/ int 10

death – Wm Sanders 1799-1870/ Albert S 1827-86/ Wm Wright 1823 – ?/ Isaac S – 1807-88/ Sarah S 1805-65 / Isaac S – 1772-1860/ wife Mary S 1778-1856/ Cornelius Sanders – Rev war- cont line 1762-1854

names – Cawthon, Delbert, Edmonson, Guill, Hunter+, Hughley, Kimbro+, Luckey, Maddux, Sanders+, Robertson+, Spain+, Wright+ Todd, illegibles,

int> very tall stone – Wm Wright 1797-1814 many infant graves

SECOND SECTION – possibly Af Am – old stones, many illegible –

names – Murray, Crudup+, Bradford, Gooch+, Finch, Woolens, Simms+, Bryan, Wilkes

SEWARD – Florence rd – near Smyrna

acc 7/ cap 10/ maint 5/ int 7

names – Martin, Seward, illegible stones

SMITH – Kimbro Rd – south off 99/

acc 9/ cap 50 / rtg 7

death – Hartwell Bass – 1897 / Susan Barnes 1851 Jane Simms 1776-1843,/ Leonard Simms 1856

names – Smith+ Bass Hyde Reid, illegibles, Wood Lotz, Barnes, Simms,

int – large trees

SMITH – Manson Rd – app 2 miles e/o Blackman comm.

acc 7/ cap 60/

death Lillian Smith 1879, Ephraim – 1855 Gen Wm Smith – 1797 – 1871/ ornate stone America Ann 1852-1877/ Mrs. America Smith 1798-1864

names – Bass, Butler, Cox, Washington, Gomez, Phillips, Smith, Lane, Hartman, several illegible, int> – six stone sarcophagi/ Martha Smith 1819 8′ infant monument


acc 10/ cap 50/ maint 7/ rating 3 (likely African Am.) death

names – Batey, Collins, Cross+, Frazier, Verge+, Wellington, King, Davis, Summers Venford+, Lawrence, Shannon, Lytle, Carter, Mosby, SImmons Vaughter+, Nelson, Garner, WIlliams, Summerour Green, Wade, Coruthers, McCroskey, Odom, Crockett, Woods, Turner, Martin

SUDBERRY cem – Hoskins rd – west line, acc 5/ cap 50/int -6

death – Mary Winn 1862

names – Winn, Barnes, Hoskins, McCord, Gordon, Butts, Burton Tucker, North, Winston, Jarrett, unmarked

SUDBERRY – Newtown rd

acc 7/ cap 25/ main 8/ int 4

death – Richard Peay 1852-1932/ Sally J P 1855-1935

names – Loyd, unmarked int > four large slap vertical stones for boundaries

TAYLOR – Burk’s Hollow rd – so hi 99

acc 0/ cap 20/ main 0/int 4

names – Phillips, Taylor

THREET RD/ acc 8/ cap 50

names – Auberry, Burton, Reed, Winfrey,

int> Confederate grave – sev handmade stones Capt Nick Lamb – 1831 – fell in Franklin 1864

TODD – Bell Buckle-Fosterville rd

acc 3/ cap 40/ main 6/ rem 6/ scen 7/ int 7

death – JC T – 1845-1914/ Hiram Pearson 1797-1876/ Matilda P 1802-1877

Crockett Pearson 1831-1922/ Rebecca P 1826-1908 unmarked places

TODD – Big Springs Rd – 1/2 mile off north – gate must be unlocked by owner, small gravel drive app 3/4 m to cem

acc 2pp/ cap 30/ main 8/scen 7/ int 8

death – Asa T – 1855-1934/ Martha T 1854-1911/ Elvira Haithcock 1846-1921

names – Brown, Haithcock, Harrell McCrary, Stuart, Todd, Tribble,

int > – rock wall, infant graves deaths in 1870-80,s

TUCKER – Rockvale Rd near Lowe rd intersctn

acc 7/ cap 4/ maint / int 2

death – Maggie T 1916

VAUGHN LEWIS WATSON – Rehovath rd – off Hi 96 east of Williamsn co. line

acc 8/ cap 30/ main 2/ view 5

WARD’S GROVE – Halls Hill rd – / near church bldg

acc 10/ cap 200/ main 8/ scen 8/ int 8

death – Isaac Wright – NC private cont trps rev war 1731 – 1816/ Martha C Bell – waterfall and mill headstone/

names – Alexander, Arnette, Bell, Bragg, Butcher, Caffey, Carnahan, Craddock, Christian, Cox, Creson, Davenport, Dement, Dennis, Elrod, Farmer, Fletcher, Francis, Garvin, Gibson, Hare, Helton, Hollis, Holmes, Hudson, Ingle, Jaco, Jetton, Keele, Kerr, Lane, Lawing, Leach, Lifsey, Livingston, Lorance, Lyon, McElroy, McKnight, Manus, Maxwell, Milligan, Moore, Northcutt, Overall, Parker+, Paschal, Perry, Pittard, Prater, Ralston, Ready, Reed, Richardson, Sneed, Stroop, Summers, Williamson, Todd, Tolbert, Tassey, Wilson, Travis, Vaught, Youree, Walkup, Wright, Tolbert, Wall, illegible stones++,

int > old stone wall, wedged headstone, statue of sorrowing

WASHINGTON – on Manson Pike (Blackman rd) w/o Murfreesboro – north side – RESEARCH

acc 9 / cap 100 / main 5 / scen 5 / view 8 / int 10

death – col Wm Butler 1834-83 / Isadora Smith wife – 1836-91 / Linneans J Smith 1840 -1901 / Hunter O S 1846-97 / E M S 1811-80 / gen Wm Hunter S 1797-1871 / Mary Phillips 1846-69 / Mrs. America C Smith 1798-1864 / Wm Hunter Johnson 1820-51 / Geo W Smith 1814-94 /

names – Allen, Bass, Bridges, Butler, Gomez, Hartman, Lane+, Phillips, Smith Washington+,

int – stone box graves, very large trees, adjoins a large plantation home nearby

WATSON – Watson cem rd – n/o Patterson rd – in Windrow

acc 6 (pp)/ cap 30/ main 9/ int 7

death – Frazier W 1896-1911/ Alice Bates W 1868-1963 Sam L Jackson 1849-1927/ Janey West 1864-1945

names – Bauman (s), Goard (s), Jackson, Rowland, Watkins, Windrow

int > – Rowland – three members killed by cyclone March 13, 1913

WATSON RD – acc 8 /cap 20 / maint 9 / rem 4 / int 3

names – Bauman, Watson Windrow, Rowland, Jackson, Tomlinson

WEBB – River Barfield Rd. off of Barfield rd./ next to Baptist church

acc 10/ cap 120/ maint 8/ int 3

names – Alexander+, Armstrong, Barnes, Binford+, Batts+, Bracey, Burke, Butler, Caruthers, Cason, Charlton, Cosby, Crawford, Crockett+, Edmondson, Evans, Eubanks, Frazier, Glass, Henry+, Smith+, Smotherman+, Ramsey, Harris, Norris, Joyce Mintlow, Hicks, Hughes, Hunt, McGill, Waters, Patterson, illegible, Mack, Nelson, Woods, Oden, Johnson, Mays, Love, Grant, Reed, Waters, Wade, Young,

WEBB – Crescent rd/ near so 231 intn/

acc 7/ cap 10/ maint 5/ int 1

death Kate Morton 1949

names Lambert, Webb, Morton, Bell,

WHITE – College st/ Enon Spr rd/ Smyrna app 1 mile w/o highway 41

acc 10/ 30 -/ 1854/ int 2

names – White, Nelson, Lowry

int> – Confederate grave – William Lowry

WHITWOOD – New Zion Rd, off 269

acc 10/ cap 200 / int 6

death Doughlas Smotherman d 1946

names – Bogle, Boyce, Brannigan, Bryant, Carter, Clark, Cook, Dalton, Davis, Douglas, Faulkner, Garrett, Green, Heath, Holden, Jennings, Jones, King, Lancaster, Loyd, Lokey, Manire, Morgan, Pinkerton, Pinkston, Pope, Preston, Ragsdale, Reynolds, Rowland, Sanders, Smith, Smotherman, Spence, Stem, Sudberry, Sulls, Travis, Tucker, Tuggle, Webb, Whitworth, Williams, Wright, many unmarked, many illegible,

int> animal figurines/ old section with large trees,

WILLIAMS – off Campground rd – off 231 so Murff – right onto Campground rd, small gravel rd leading off – north side – app .1 to cem

acc 7/ cap 100/ main 9/ rem 9/ scen 5/ int 9

death – Samuel Morgan 1794-1824/ Harriet M 1797-1861/ Elizabeth M – 1822-1900/ Newton Clark 1817-47/ Mary Coffee Harris 1774-1839 Simpson Harris 1768-1833/ Wm Morgan 1818 – 1901/ Franicis M 1821-45/ Caroline M 1824-81/ Ann Worke 1782-1849/ Sarah Lucinda Worke 1819-49

names – Clark, De Hart, Harris, Morgan, Stephens, stone slabs

int > – recently restored (2000), evidence of a much larger portion beyond cleared area, no stones

Beech Grove-Confederate Graveyard

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This cemetery is actually in Coffee County, TN, but since it is a Confederate Graveyard and near Rutherford County, I have decided to include it here to preserve it for future researchers.  As you can see from the images, we are just in time.

Kim Shockey took the same images in 2003 on her site at http://www.kimshockey.com/cem/co/coffee/beechgrove2.html  so you can compare how much damage has been done to this cemetery in just 6 years.


These pictures were take by Cheryl Parsons mchasjunk@aol.com on 12 Sep 2009.

Confederate Cemetery

 WilliamT. F. Pike grave marker 

PVT William T. F. Pike

Hillards Co A 2 ALA Legion CSA



Charles Henry Johnston grave marker 

Charles Henry Johnston




27 Mar 1832

03 Apr 1863

 Isaac Eoff grave marker

Isaac Eoff

PVT Continential Line

Rev War



[Cheryl’s Note’s:  Isaac Eoff was married to Margaret Knox. He applied for a Revolutionary War Pension on 7 August 1832. My information says he died in Coffee County. I’m not sure why a Revolutionary War marker would be in this Confederate cemetery. I think this is the only one. Since the marker says it was originally the site of an old pioneer cemetery, maybe Isaac was buried there already and someone ordered the newer stone for him.]John C. Ashley grave marker

John C. Ahsley

13 Dec 1823

17 Aug 1824

Aged 8 Months

[Cheryl’s Notes: This is one of at least four markers inside a little black iron fence in the Beech Grove Confederate Cemetery. The other stones are for J. P. Stephenson, Mary S. A. Stephenson, and Louisa Stephenson. One online source lists this child’s parents as William Ashley and Polly (Weaver) Ashley. I haven’t verified this, but I know Ashleys lived all around Beech Grove.]

Louisa A.

Daughter of

J. P. and M. S. A.


Sep 3 1863

Oct 14 1880

(Cheryl’s notes:  These dates from Kim’s site)

Marshall Fergason grave marker

Marshall Fergason

Co K

24 Tenn Regt


Mary S. A. Stephenson

wife of

J. P. Stephenson

April 12 1834

Dec 16 1881

Teresa’s Notes:  While this cemetery is not in Rutherford County, if there is a cemetery of historical significance like this one in surrounding counties that someone would like to photograph, I will gladly add it to the blog.  These men were not just from Coffee County, They came from all over the country. They just died in battle here.  The sad thing is to see the deteriation of this cemetery in just the short time between when Kim photographed it in 2003 and when Cheryl did in 2009. Will this cemetery even exist in 2015 for the 150th anniversary of the war?


I was born of her womb; I was nurtured at her breast; and when my last hour shall come. I pray God that I may be pillowed upon her bosom and rocked to sleep within her tender and encircling arms- Edward Ward Carmack 1858-1908