#112 Nance Cemetery

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Rover Quadrangle 1 1/3 miles north of Newtown on west edge of road


Naomi Ruth Nance (daughter of John Woods and Nancy Hight Nance)

14 Jun 1880

12 Aug 1949


Nannie Hight Nance(daughter of William Green Hight and Naomi Patterson; wife of Benjamin Franklin Nance and John Woods Nance)

14 Nov 1841

31 Oct 1929


Son of

B. F and (illegible) Nance (I believe this is C. F. Nance, son of B. F. and Nancy Hight Nance)

27 Jan 1866

12 Sep 1888


Richard Nance (son of Frederick Woodson and Racheal Leathers Nance)

8 Jun 1810

28 Oct 1883


Elizabeth wife of Richard Nance

29 Sep 1814

24 Jan 1878


Benjamin Franklin Nance (son of Richard Leonidas and Elizabeth Hill Nance)

18 Oct 1834

25 Aug 1869



Sarah Smotherman Daughter of Thorton Mallard

29 Oct 1794

27 Sep 1878


Mary Pearl Lowe Hess




Ruth Lowe Haney

Daughter of Neri and Mary Nance Lowe

31 Aug 1911

01 Jul 1994


Nannie Nance Lowe Hoye

15 Jan 1910

04 Aug 1992


T. F. Maddox

09 Mar 1836

18 Mar 1915


Amanda L. Maddox

Daugther of Richard and Elizabeth Nance

Wife of T. F. Maddox

10 Jan 1840

23 May 1908


Sarah H.

Wife of W. H. Jackson

27 Apr (illegible)


J. L. Nance

24 Dec 1868

22 Apr 1917


J. W. Nance (son of Richard Leonidas and Elizabeth Hill Nance)

29 Sep 1858

28 May 1889


Jno W. Nancep6160041

O. F. Nance

son of J. W. Nance

06 Mar 1867

19 Feb 1898


B. F. Nance (son of John Woods and Julia Jackson Nance)

29 Jan 1871

13 Jan 1914


Sereptia A. daughter of Thomas F. and Amanda L. Maddox

03 May 1877

16 Jul 1879


Elizabeth Taylor daughter of I. L and Eula Carlton (She is actually Elizabeth Taylor Carlton.  Father is Irvin Lee Carlton and mother is Eula Maxwell Carlton)

25 Dec 1915

21 Jan 1916



Son of H. John and Evie (illegible) Nance

09 Mar (date hard to read)


Nannie V. Daughter of M. B. and T. E. Carlton

(Father is Minos Benajah Carlton and mother is Tabitha Estella Nance Carlton)

05 Jul 1897

30 Jul 1919


Neri Lowe



Mary Nance Lowe (daughter of John Woods and Nancy Hight Nance)




Myra Gray Lowe

22 Jan 1908

07 Jan 1981


Drucilla A. Nance

wife of R. A. Comer

21 Jun 1873

29 May 1917



#163 Nipper Cemetery

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Dilton Quadrangle:  1 1/5 miles southwest of Cedar Grove Church
Photographed by Patsy Paterson 2pats2cats@comcast.net

Please contact Teresa Elliott at cheasa@bellsouth.net if you have information on these Nipper families.

 Nipper Cemetery

This is the cemetery as it is today.LeahewAda  Sam

Sam Leahew

02 Mar 1888

19 Mar 1957

Ada Leahew

07 Aug 1885

20 Jun 1956

NipperDelia Lannom  Lee Roy

Lee Roy Nipper



Delia Lannom Nipper



(Teresa’s notes:  Delia is the daughter of Andrew Jeff Davis Lannom and Virginia Caldonia Markham)

NipperJ B

J. B. Nipper



NipperJesse Thomas  Susie J

Susie J. Lannom

12 Nov 1897

13 May 1962

Jesse Thomas

05 Aug 1895

07 Sep 1937

(Teresa’s notes:  Susie is the daughter of Andrew Jeff Davis Lannom and Virginia Caldonia Markham)


Luther Nipper

Tennessee PVT  11 INF. 5 Div

15 Aug 1927


Luther Nipper

NipperMary Lee

Paul F. Nipper

26 May 1942

Mary Lee Nipper

13 Apr 1944

26 Feb 1997

Married 15 Jul 1967

NipperMrs Rebecca

Mrs. Rebecca Nipper

no dates

NipperMyra Faith Marie

Myra Faith Marie Nipper

10 Nov 1986

18 Mar 1990


Patricia Nipper

NipperThomas Burton (2) 

Thomas Burton Nipper

12 Mar 1912

22 Nov 1942

 NipperWill D  Willie C

Will D. Nipper

21 Aug 1883

03 Feb 1961

Willie C. Nipper

02 Mar 1887

18 Dec 1977

NipperWilliam Thomas

William Thomas Nipper



WrightJohn Thomas

John T. Wright

02 May 1907

22 Sep 1971

#85 King Cemetery

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This cemetery is located in the Murfreesboro Quadrangle. According to Edith, Gene Aldridge from Colonial Pipeline took some pictures of the James Moore King Cemetery on Mooreland Lane in Murfreesboro. (at the end of Moore’s Lane and about 600 feet west of Overall Creek) This cemetery was destroyed by vandals, and was cemented over and the stones restored in 1954. Edith sent me these pictures with permission to put them online. Photographed by Gene Aldridge Received from Edith Bond bondhome@peoplepc.com


The cemetery as it looks now.


cemetary-002 Restoration Committee Hardie Moore, Chairman Jeannette Moore King, Secretary J. T. and O. G. Burnette, Restorers 1954 A. D.


J. B. (could be back of Jeanet Butler stone)


Cemetery of Col. James M. King



Restored by his descendants 1955


M. B. K.


In Honor of Service in the War of 1812 Col. James Moore King


Dorsey T. King




Olivia J. King




Mary Batey wife of Col. Jas. M. King

08 May 1805

18 Aug 1887


Col. James M. King

18 Nov 1792

05 Apr 1877


Same stone close up


Jeanet Butler

18 Jan 1772

14 Sep 1864


William E. King son of James M. and Martha

28 Nov 1820

09 Jul 1846cemetary-016

Jane K. Tucker

Consort of Silas Tucker

Formally the wife of Walter O. Moore and

daughter of Isaac and Jeanett Butler

08 Feb 1813

28 Jun 1844

Cemetary 017

Walter O. Moore

son of James and Jane Moore of N. C.

09 Dec 1805

28 Apr 1837


Jane K. Butler

11 Feb 1830

Cemetary 018

Henry A. J. King

son of James M. and Martha King

24 May 1823

Volunteered in 1838 and served a tour in Cherokee Nation

under Col Yoakum

D. 01 Aug 1839

 Cemetary 019

Three infants of

T. M. King Sr.


Ben King son of Marion D. King


Infant son of C. H. King Sr

Cemetary 029

Overview of the cemetery

Cemetary 020

Bettie K. Gresham

Daughter of A. G.  and J. W. Gresham

23 Feb 1866

02 Aug 1867

Cemetary 021

Asa G. Gresham

24 Aug 1832

18 Mar 1876

Cemetary 022

Over view of stones

Cemetary 023

Layout of cemetery

Cemetary 024

Frances Lilliard Vaughan

30 Jan 1817

27 Mar 1886

  Cemetary 027

Washington King

Son of James M. and Martha Kin

26 Jul 1830

22 Jan 1833

(could be 02 Jan 1833)


Cemetary 028

Infant son of James M. and Martha King

03 Jul 1849

Died same day

#246 Watkins Cemetery

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Walter Hill Quadrangle  8/10 of a mile south of V. A. Hospital Entrance and about 300 feet east of US 231.  Behind Lamb’s Truck Stop Iron fence, clean but some stones down in 1975  Photographed by Patti Lee [clee162@comcast.net]


Samuel Brewer Watkins son of Thomas Spencer Watkins and Mary Magruder

     B. 18 April 1813 in Maryland

     D. 2 February 1908 in Rutherford County, Tn


Mary Ann Wade Magruder, wife of Samuel Brewer Watkins

    B. 27 December 1820

    D. 8 September 1877


Son of Samuel B. Watkins and Mary Wade Watkins
Robert W. Watkins
B. 11 May 1845
D. 2 March 1862


Son of Samuel B. Watkins and Mary Wade Watkins

S. Spencer Watkins

B. 15 December 1846

D. 8 June 1897



Daughter of Samuel B. Watkins and Mary Wade Watkins

Mary Sue Watkins Roberts, wife of William Roberts, Jr

B. 5 September 1843

D. 28 July 1906


Daughter of Samuel B. Watkins and Mary Wade Watkins

Caroline Watkins, infant daughter

B. 26 February 1851

D. 24 March 1851



James E. Watkins, son of Samuel Brewer Watkins and Mary Wade Watkins

B. 2 March 1844

D. 2 January 1863   Died in the Battle of Stones River


Mary Watkins Roberts, infant daughter of William Roberts and Mary Sue Watkins Roberts

B. 14 February 1871

D. 21 July 1871





2 different stones for Mary Magruder Watkins, daughter of Samuel Brewer Magruder and Rebecca Young Magruder

Wife of Thomas Spencer Watkins

#239 Waller Cemetery

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These stones were sent to me by Ed Waller.  They are Waller stones that were originally in the Waller Cemetery that have been moved to Mapleview Cemetery.

Original cemetery was in Walter Hill Quadrangle.  Very near Old Jefferson.   Moved by Army Engineers.

Photos taken by Ed Waller

Ed Waller


Stones originally in Waller Cemetery

Ollie Belle Waller

15 Dec 1886

07 Apr 1950

Claiborne Waller

14 Jul 1883

18 Nov 1967


Stone originally in Robertson or Waller Cemetery

Elizabeth Waller

wife of J. W. Waller (see below)

Looks like 03 Jan 1816. Could be 09

19 (illegible) 1867

Stone originally in Waller Cemetery

Ephraim Waller (husband of Mary Frances Mitchell Waller)

08 Feb 1842

02 Sep 1918


Stone originally in Waller Cemetery

James William Waller

(husband of Elizabeth Nash Waller-see above)

09 Jan 1804

12 Aug 1889

Mary Frances Mitchell Waller (wife of Ephraim Waller)

09 Dec 1846

25 Mar 1937

H. Posey Waller


Don’t know where this stone was moved to.

Don’t know where this stone was moved to
Infant Waller

d. 1921

#191 Reinhardt Cemetery

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LaVergne Quadrangle (Davidson County) At corner of Old Hickory Blvd and Maxwell Road.  On S. E. corner of intersection Photographed by Lori Sellers


Augustus P. Reinhardt

1974 cemeteries book says 14 Jan 1802

Lori  says 30 Aug 1835

(looks like a 20 Aug 1833 to me-you decide)

January 14, 1862

This is why we are doing this. This stone will be gone in another 10 years.  You can see it and decide for yourself what it says.  Reinhardt grave

#145 McPeak Cemetery

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Gladeville  Quadrangle. Corps of Engineers Removal List.  Cemetery on North bank of Fall Creek.  .6 miles upstream from Fall Creek Boat Ramp.  All stone but two now at Mt. Juliet (two in Sanders Cemetery) 81 graves

Photo taken by Mickey Sullivan  sully at  cfl.rr.com

Lois Sullivan then visited the cemetery and they cleaned the stones.  This is the stone for John R. Sullivan after clearing.   Thanks Lois for sending me these corrections.

Kim took these images when she visited the cemetery: http://www.kimshockey.com/cem/mcpeak.html Use your browser’s back button to back here.


John R. Sullivan

b: 3 March, 1852;

d: 21 October, 1918

buried next to his daughter,

Jennie Mae Sullivan McPeak

b:May, 1894;

d: April, 1977.