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#172 Patterson Cemetery

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Lascassas Quadrangle: Traveling north from Jefferson Pike, located off Dunaway’s Chapel Road to the right of a private driveway. Enclosed with a white fence and well maintained. Can be seen from the Dunaway’s Chapel Road.
Photographed by Madge Anne Florida Patton

Sent to me by Gwen Boyd


Mable Florida

Daughter of R. B and M. L. Florida

30 Oct 1897

20 Oct 1897


R. B. Florida

(Gwen’s notes: Robert Bethel)

06 Jun 1870

06 Mar 1933


Myrtie McPeak

(Gwen’s notes: Myrtle B. Florida McPeak- daughter of R. B. and Maggie Florida; wife of Hollis Hilton McPeak)

29 May 1912

22 Aug 2002


Hollis H. McPeak

(Gwen’s notes: Hollis Hilton McPeak)

19 Aug 1915

24 Sep 1994


Ralph Parker Jr. 1952

(Gwen’s notes: grandson of Spencer and Lucille McKee)

Charles McKee 1926

(Gwen’s notes: son of Spencer and Lucille McKee)


Lucille McKee

(Gwen’s notes: Maggie Lucille Patterson McKee; wife of Spencer)

18 Apr 1907

25 Nov 1942


Spencer McKee

(Gwen’s notes: Spencer Jackson McKee)

23 Jan 1900

18 Oct 1974


"Pete" Guthrie E. Patterson

(Gwen’s notes: son of W. I. and Viola Patterson)

24 Apr 1928

13 Apr 1995


cemeteries 001

W. I. Patterson

(Gwen’s notes: William Ishiam Patterson)

08 May 1874

24 Aug 1937

cemeteries 002

Viola Patterson

(Gwen’s notes: Viola McKee Patterson; 2nd wife of W. I. Patterson)

07 Apr 1892

12 Aug 1932

cemeteries 003

J. W. Patterson

(Gwen’s notes: John W.)

14 Mar 1843

07 Jan 1902

Mary E. Patterson

(Gwen’s notes:  Mary E. "Mollie"; wife of John W. Patterson)

18 Feb 1851

13 Nov 1927

James A Kellow

(Gwen’s notes: served in WWI; grandson of J. W. and Mary Patterson)

22 Dec 1895

29 Sep 1918

cemeteries 004

Lessie M. Lester

(Gwen’s notes: Leslie Marvin Lester)

12 Jul 1885

19 Feb 1930

Bessie O. Dunaway

(Gwen’s notes: Bessie Ora; wife of Lessie)

30 Sep 1888

09 Apr 1964

cemeteries 005

Walter E. Blythe



Nona Mae Blythe

(Gwen’s notes:  Nona Mae Lester Blythe; wife of Walter)



Married 02 Oct 1938

cemeteries 007

Flora Patterson Dillon

wife of J. L. Dillon

(Gwen’s notes: wife f Josh L. Dillon; daughter of John W. and Mary E. Patterson)

18 Sep 1886

10 Aug 1906


18 Aug 1905


24 Aug 1937

Margaret Louella (Maggie) Patterson Florida

Feb 13, 1871

Oct 6, 1955

(Gwen’s notes: daughter of William Ishiam and (1st wife) Anna Belle Mount Patterson and wife of R. B. Florida)

#147 Martin Cemetery

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Lascassas Quadrangle 2/3 mile north of Jefferson Pike

East of Valley View Road 1/4 of a mile down a farm access road and in wooded area.

Gwen’s notes: 

This was a large cemetery and was likely the McAdoo/Martin cemetery.   People are buried there before the Civil War and there is a large row of graves which appears to be slaves. At one time the McAdoo’s owned 48 slaves. This is all going to be lost soon. There are hardly any markers left standing. Some of these pictures were made earlier.

Photographed by Madge Ann Florida Patton

Emailed to  me by Gwen Boyd

SC Donnell & Sarah

S. C. Donnell

30 May 1829

09 Sep 1885

His wife

S. F. McAdoo

16 Sep 1839

26 Mar 1902

SC Donnell and Sarah2

Better image



Mary J. Martin

Wife of R. W. Martin

19 May 1818

11 Feb 1882


Edwin Martin

Son of Wm. F. and Margaret Martin

10 Oct 1895

07 Jun 1898

Emna Kellow

Mrs. Emma Kellow

02 Jan 1878

09 Nov 1903

Robert L Martin

Robert L. Martin

14 Jan 1850

29 Dec 1885

Note: These stones appear to have shaving cream on them. Please do not do this.  When we first started doing genealogy, this was the preferred method of photographing stones and many of us did it, but now we know that it can destroy the stone.

Also DON’T write the photographers about this. They let me use the pictures, so be nice to them.

Robert W Martin

Dr. R. W. Martin

07 Jan 1813

08 Aug 1905

  Solen McAdoo

Solen H. McAdoo

10 Jun 1841

24 Nov 1868

Son of RWM

Samuel L. Martin

19 Jun 1844

17 Nov 1848

Infant son of M. J. and R. W. Martin


Little Leura Cason

18 Mar 1877

13 Jun 1878

C. L. Wrather

No Dates

Rev. W. M. Sellars

16 Sep 1818

01 Oct 1870

Jane Elizabeth

Daugther of W. M. and Mary E. Sellars

02 Jul 1850

31 Aug 1852

Iron fence around two graves.  Stones were broken and down in 1974 when cemetery book was done

Joseph S. William

29 Sept 1833

03 Jul 1891

#146 Martin Cemetery

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Lascassas Quadrangle

Gwen’s notes:  Dr. William Carroll Martin Cemetery – Lascassas Quadrangle. NE on Lascassas Pike (Hwy 96), left (W) on Jefferson Pike (Hwy 266), right (N) on Valley View Road , right (E) on Wheatfield Drive . In the Canebrake Subdivision, formerly the Martin Home Place, about 1,000 feet N of Jefferson Pike in a group of trees between two homes. This small family cemetery is maintained by the Harris family who are “neighbors” and descendants of the Martin family. March 2008

Photographed by Madge Ann Florida Patton

Emailed to  me by Gwen Boyd


Martin, John J.

John J. Martin

23 Feb 1881

23 Dec 1909

Martin, Robert T.

Robert T. Martin

23 Apr 1908

22 Dec 1908


Dr. W. C. Martin

25 Feb 1825

18 Dec 1903

Lockie J.  Donnell

wife of W. C. Martin

09 Feb 1835

06 Aug 1904

This is a new stone, since in 1974, there were just footstones for these two.


stone was broken

William Henry Martin

son of W. C. and L. J. Martin

09 Jul 1864

05 Aug 1888

#130 Kerr Cemetery

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Lascassas Quadrangle. E on Halls Hill Pike, left (N) on Guy James Road . ¾ mile N of old Sharpsville Church . Located on the highest hill on the Guy James Farm, owned by MTSU, 2008, in a clump of trees. This cemetery is almost gone. There is a high chain link fence, damaged by fallen trees. There are many broken stones under the over growth. The picture is north from the cemetery.
Photographed by Madge Ann Florida Patton

Emailed to  me by Gwen Boyd

Kerr Cem., Guy James Farm 004 Guy James’ FarmKERR1

This is the only stone Gwen sent me.

Paul Kerr

19 Nov 1855

21 Jan 1825

Rest of names are from cemeteries book:

Sarah Kerr

wife of G. W. Kerr

28 Aug 1819

15 Oct 1885

William Kerr

27 mar 1854

09 Feb 1898

Hugh Kerr

13 Apr 1850

18 Nov 1898

G. W. Kerr

21 Feb 1813

25 Jul 1870

#26 Brown Cemetery

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Brown-Loughry – Lascassas Quadrangle. Turn right from Lascassas Pike (Hwy 96) traveling E. ½ mile east of Brown’s Mill Road and 1/3 mile south of Bradley’s Creek out in a field with a few trees on the old fence line. This is an old cemetery that is maintained by the Brown-Loughry descendants. Located on the Vaught property. Mar 2008

Also has 12 or more fieldstone markers-possibly slave graves

Photographed by Madge Ann Florida Patton

Emailed to  me by Gwen Boyd


Lucinda R. Weatherford


27 Aug 1872

(according to the cemeteries book, she was John Brown’s sister)


John Brown

25 Apr 1797

15 Sep 1876

(according to cemeteries book, he was the owner of Brown’s Mill)

KERR1 Kerr Cem., Guy James Farm 004 LOUGHRY, ADRIANA A

Adriana A. Loughry

wife of J.N. Loughry

22 Sep 1834

10 Oct 1877



Lena A. Loughry

03 Oct 1872

10 Jun 1895


Rev. J. N. Loughry

28 Mar 1826

11 Oct 1896

(cemetery book says he was a school teacher)


Marguerite Loughry Martin

02 Nov 1857

30 Jul 1898

May Adriana Martin

02 Jun 1883

09 Jan 1902


Mary A. Loughry

30 Sep 1866

09 Aug 1889

Not Found

Margaret (Gilliam)

consort of John Brown

14 Jul 1805

16 Aug 1857

Married Oct 1830

Joseph S.

son of J. N. and Adriana Loughry

10 Jan 1851

11 Aug 1857

Alsup Cemetery-Wilson County

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ALSUP CEMETERY – This cemetery is in Wilson County just over the Rutherford County line. Take 231N from Murfreesboro about ten miles from Walter Hill. TR on Alsup Mills Road. Cemetery is on a hill, on the right just west of the Hebron Church of Christ. There is a sign on the road and the cemetery is well kept, 2008. The patriarch of our local Alsup family is buried here: Asaph (Ace) Alsup, 1789-1871.

Photographed by Madge Anne Florida Patton

Sent to me by Gwen Boyd gwenboyd2@bellsouth.net000_1405

Hyse Thurman Alsup



Hyse Eugene Alsup




Roy Vaughter

24 Jul 1922


Lula Vaughter

18 Apr 1912

000_1409 (3)

Fisher Alsup



Nelson Alsup



Susan Alsup




S. A. Alsup

Daughter of D. N and Susan Alsup

Wife of W. D. Harris

09 Aug 1838

08 Jan 1887


W. D. Harris

02 Mar 1835

02 Jan 1924


Annie Stover Alsup

19 Aug 1950

06 Nov 1997


Randall C. Alsup

23 Apr 1982

14 Jan 1997