Welcome to our blog.

There are lots of reasons I moved to the blog format. For one, I can make my trusted cemetery photographers contributors, and they can post their own cemeteries without having to wait on me. Secondly, I can use tags to help you find cemeteries that have common points of interest, like ones that are extinct, or in a certain quadrangle in Rutherford County, TN, or who have military heroes buried in them. Thirdly, I can mark cemeteries by surname, and you can easily see all the cemeteries with that surname, just by clicking on that name in the tag cloud. Fourthly, is consistency. I am a perfectionist, and this will allow all the cemetery posts to look similar and allow me to add information, like copyright to a side bar and not have to edit each cemetery.

I hope you enjoy the blog. My plan is to continue to add new cemeteries as I get them, have photographers add their own blog pages, and slowly move the existing pages to this blog.

As usual, no flowers or arrangements were harmed when we did our photography. We do remove them to take images, then they are returned. We request that anyone photographing for us does the same, but we can’t guarantee that they do. Photographers contact information is in the blog, so that you can thank them profusely for adding their work to this collection. Feel free to use the comments field to add genealogical information, thank yous, etc. This blog is rated G for all audiences, so comments are moderated.

About photographing for us. If you are visiting beautiful Rutherford County, TN and would like to photograph a few cemeteries for us, we would love to have you do so. Check first and make sure the cemetery hasn’t already been done, to save not only you time, but me as well. You can then send me the images at Teresa. Please send an email letting me know that you will be sending images before you send the first batch, or I will delete your images without viewing them.

I hope you enjoy your visit!

2 thoughts on “Welcome

    2014whereisthelonepiperofburns said:
    6 January 2015 at 10:30 pm

    Thanks for creating the blog. Rutherford County is rich with history. A portion of that history is found in our country cemeteries. Some of the hallowed plots of land are now forgotten and overgrown. Others are cherished and well-maintained.

    But ALL of them are important. ALL of them should be preserved. Many of the old cemeteries are in danger . . . in danger of progress, industrial complexes, residential developments, man-made waterways, roadways, railroads, and yes, sadly in danger via vandalism.

    Preservation begins sometimes with a loving donation of land . . . or the carefully considered purchase of a parcel. The designated area has to be groomed and taken care of . . . and requires someone being able to oversee and later pass on the task of perpetual care. It is aided by descendants. historians and genealogists . . . and by people who pass laws to protect the little parcels of land.

    But we must all work together. The founders of this site are certainly doing his/her/their part. Many thanks to all who have taken part in this wonderful project.

    My best regards~~~~~~~

    generationsgoneby responded:
    12 June 2010 at 9:26 pm

    I would like to thank everyone who has taken my offer to send images in the last year. We have had almost 36,000 people to the blog in the last 18 months! That is an amazing amount of traffic to our little cemetery blog. Keep sending me those cemeteries and keep visiting, we intend to keep adding more and more and we can’t do it without your help.

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