#75 Gambill Cemetery

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LaVergne Quadrangle:

On Hobson Pike Left side approaching I-24 On a hill just before reaching entrance to Interchange City.  Well fenced. William Hamilton Benjamin Gambill was the son of John and Sarah Kimbro (Kimbrough) Gambill.  When he died, Bradley gave each child a portion of his estate and it is possible that this cemetery is on W. H . B. Gambill’s portion.

Photographed by Jeff and Teresa Elliott 2015


W. H. B. Gambill (William Hamilton Benjamin Gambill, son of John and Sarah Kimbro (Kimbrough) Gambill)

24 Sep 1810

02 Aug 1893 (Cemetery book has 1898)



Same as above


Mary H . Gray

wife of W. H. B. Gambill

14 Sep 1811

06 Sep 1885




Ben Stuart Gambill

son of Charles and Annie W. Gambill

02 Oct 1879

09 Dec 1950


Ben Gambill

14 Feb 1871

19 Sep 1934


Benajah G. Gambill

10 Mar 1837

15 Jun 1853


Martha J. Gambill

26 Jun 1849

01 Apr 1865


Infant Daughter of

R. L. & Beuce L. Gambill

28 Aug 1899

30 Aug 1899


HIs following children are buried here:
Ewing Johnson Irvin

Mary Agnes and James Gambill

Rosa B. Gambill

IMG_3058 IMG_3059


Charles Hill Gambill

01 Sep 1846

21 Aug 1919

Erected by Rosa B. Gambill


stone of Issac T. Gambill

Jan 1857

01 Dec 1869

Not photographed:

Angie Gambill

09 Jul 1926

10 Aug 194

5IMG_3062 IMG_3063

Stairwell leading up to cemetery.  Cemetery is fenced but needs a good cleaning.

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